The Evergreen Affiliate Marketing Plan

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What's the number one complaint when it comes to affiliate or online marketing?

Too many get rich quick promises...With little substance to back it up!

It's the snake oil sales men of 2019...Ready to sell you a dream, but that's really all it is...A dream.

The problems can be numerous but to sum it all up, people want to get rich online, without putting in the effort. And these shady marketers feast on those desires.

About 15 years ago or so, I was introduced to the term 'evergreen affiliate products'....

The idea was simple enough. Evergreen products (like evergreen trees) never went out of season. You would need 'Product X' as much in 5 years from now as you would today.

This revolutionized how I looked at WHAT I promoted as well as how I promoted any further affiliate marketing product. Before I paid a dime for anything new online, I asked myself...

Will I use Product X as much in a decade, as I do today?

This isn't sexy!

In fact, it's pretty much as boring as it gets when it comes to 'selling the sizzle' in affiliate marketing. Because let's be honest, what sells the best?

The dream....

Evergreen products sell...The work.

And no one wants to work when it comes to building affiliate marketing businesses...

I'm going to put forward an idea...A crazy theory. That if we focus on building a strong foundation of affiliate marketing products that fit the 'evergreen' model...We will make potentially more money than if we ever started recommending and joining every new product launch out there...

Let's take a look:

1. The Autoresponder - Building a mailing list is...Undebatable. You simply cannot build an online business without a contact list or customer list. Ask any professional out there and if you asked them to start all over again, building an online business, the first tool they would say is a must...Is the autoresponder.

Here's the best part about 'promoting' an autoresponder....

People don't come and go. It attracts a unique and very dedicated customer. And have you ever tried to 'switch' autoresponders? It's next to impossible...But the key is...A customer that you refer to a reputable autoresponder service will likely stay with that service...For years!

That's evergreen!

2. The Tracking / Analytics Tool - Sure you can go to Google Analytics and learn every stat possible when it comes to traffic to your website. Just make sure you sign up for the college course you need to figure all those stats out! Yes, tracking is critical to know what is working and what is not. But it doesn't need to be complicated. That's why one of the tools I promote is a simple to use, and easy to understand ad tracking service.

And again...Have you tried to switch tracking services after a few years of sticking links everywhere online? People STAY with these services for years. They don't jump from service to service...

Again...That's evergreen!

3. An Educational Community Hub - Some folks may debate the absolute 'need' for this tool, but for me...It's a lifeline to constant growth and development. Why did I even create @ClickTrackProfit ? Simple...I wanted to build a community of self-starters that were fired up for building businesses online..>And learn new things every day. On top of that, meet and greet like minded individuals and learn from each other as well.

And I think it goes without saying...Once you 'find' your community...You are there for years and years! Heck, CTP is about to be a decade old and we STILL have members that joined in 2011, as active as ever.

Evergreen? I think so...

4. Hosting - One of the primary pieces of advice you will hear when people tell you how to start an online business...Is the need for a blog. That's just scratching the surface, because as you grow and your business does...So does your need for quality hosting. A personal domain name / blog is a must for your personal brand...And again, have you ever tried to change a host? It's not the easiest thing to do. So once again, people stick WITH their hosting provider for years and years...

So very much...Evergreen!

Those are just 4 'evergreen' products that I have promoted for years and years...But here's where the 'magic' happens.

Let's do some quick math....

evergreen affiliate marketing

These are just some rough numbers...But you can see what a basic 'essential tool kit' would cost from someone buying these 4 tools...Not too bad right?

Under 60 bucks a month to have some critical pieces to build your business with....

But here's where it gets exciting!

evergreen affiliate marketing

This is again some rough numbers...But let's look at what you would earn residually, every month, for referring one person to these evergreen products. This is taking into account between 30-50% commissions paid to you as an example.

$23 bucks a month...Per person.

So while this make not be the flashy big JV Product launches that seem to populate the affiliate marketing space...This is what it is:

A collection of tools, that you are promoting to your subscribers and customers...That they will use as much in 5 years as they are today. And you are being paid every month for doing so...

Remember, these are evergreen!

Which means...The 'right' kind of customer will be attracted to this and you could potentially have them paying you monthly for decades!


I get it.

It's not 5 figures or even 6 figure promises...But it's something that is SOLID and that has massive staying power. And to me, this is a much better way to do affiliate marketing as you are providing tools of huge value, that your customers will never stop using....

That's evergreen!

P.S. For a list of all the evergreen products I use daily as well as recommend and how to effectively PROMOTE them, check out the in-depth training we provide in ClickTrackProfit that goes over this topic!


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Hi @jongolson thanks again for the tips and kick up the butt, new people come to read this stuff every day and its worth repeating and repeating because even us oldies need reminding from time to time :)

For sure man, thanks for stopping by!

Yup, you and me both...I think I write about this a lot because...I need to remind myself LOLOL

wow man hell yes i love this and i recomend lowering inflation on CTo and adopting telos style governance!

CTP economic development plan!

  • evergreen marketing plan + graphic design project for infographics FLOODINg the meme sphere of reddittwitter etc, we can saturate CTP tokens, to tehmax, eos-ex make it an EOS token and list on newdex, get massive trading when you list on and can do twitter tippinga nd im asking them about twitter airdrops

i have no idea what all that means lolol

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I remember the first time you brought this info out. It's Nice to see it again, only this time i have written it down and tacked it to the wall. it's good to know how much you are spending and what you could make back.

thanks man. we could all focus on this and encourage others to jump into these kind of programs. it’ll help us out in the long run

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As always, great post, Jon... Just a reminder to all of us to stay on the ground with real, achievable goals! Dreaming is great, but it comes to doing small steps and they will bring us to the goal...

Slow and steady...

yeah man. exactly. way too many claims of instant riches

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Another solid, informative, educational post for your sucess for your online business :)


thanks man. appreciate the kind words.

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A great post that breaks things down and tells folks the truth. Much to much of the shiny buttons telling folks they are going to be able to fire the boss today because you are going to make it over night. I takes time to do it right, and you have laid the right way out for folks.

hopefully more people start taking action because of it. one can hope lol

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Yes right. I see

The importance of evergreen products can not be understated, and those products are all evergreen, thanks for the inspiration @jongolson, it's awesome.

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