My first #menemonday - still my favourite piece

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Look how cute my little 1/2pint once was.... And look at my beard, back before I started to go grey!! Its almost like the birth of my son and my greyness are some how linked!!!

Well this is my first #menemonday and Im going to kick this off with one of my favourite pieces of #mene jewellery.


This is my, OK not my, this is Mrs @welshstacker platinum 4, bought as a reminder of the day our little 1/2pint was born


It was bought back in the June of last year and may even have been one of my first purchases. Well it would have been one of my first #mene24k purchases had I not of had some bad news.....

Technically this is NOT my number 4, and its not even Mrs W's number 4..... That got stolen along with some other bits.

This number 4 is a gift from non other than @goldmatters. We go way back and in fact i think he was the second person I followed on steemit. After hearing my story he stepped up and bought a replacement charm and had it sent to me via sevinwilson. Find out more HERE

Every time I see Mrs W wearing this amazing bit of crafted jewellery, not only am I reminded of the day 1/2pint was born and all the good memories, but also the amazing friends I've made here on steemit.

Where else can you make a 30% ROI and still wear amazing jewellery?
Mene Investment Performance.png

Hope you all enjoyed my first #menemonday? Come back next week and I'll show off some GOLD


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Beautiful post brother! Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for reading.

Everything about this post is beautiful man! Thank you for sharing this personal story

It's always easy to share stuff like this when I know amazing people like yourself will read it.

Hehehe... that number 4 Mene platinum has performed so very well and your overall investment and value of your Mene up by 29.6%! Woot, woot!!!! ! Congrats, @welshstacker! WOW... it is amazing!!!

THANKS @silversaver888. I've been very lucky with my mene purchases. I've had some help from my fellow ssg members in the U. S. that have offered to accept delivery and forward them on to me. The p&p of $75 by MENE is just a little steep to do it that way (even with the 30% ROI)

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Such a great post, although I’m sorrry to hear you had some items stolen - that’s terrible it seems like nothing is sacred nowadays if you don’t lock things up tight someone is always quick to liberate them. But at least you had good friends on Steem Blockchain to help out - and the future is brighter because if it for you and your family.

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