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The world is filled with half-truths and whole lies, and in the case of money, it's probably one of the biggest delusions we have in the world today. Fiat money has used basic math to obfuscate fundamental truths and control the masses in ways they hardly notice. Wealth is almost always measured in nominal terms, the more money you have, the richer you are, it was a simple formula that everyone accepted and accepted to this day.

Everyone wants a higher salary over time; everyone wants their house to be worth more; everyone wants their investments to grow faster, it's simple. However, what isn't simple as getting a higher salary, is beating the market to get great returns or finding a place that is affordable now but will be in demand later.

What's easier is taking the measurement value you use to calculate your wealth to debase it so that theirs more of the method of accounting and because everyone still believes in the power of nominal value, they feel they are getting rich even when they are not.


Stonk prices bull market or bullshit market?

The stock market in the US, the biggest in the world has been on a rampage in the most significant bull run with the regular breaking of all-time highs regardless of the underlying performance of the company and the economy. Many look to the stock market as the sign of economic stability when, in fact, it has long been divorced from it.

The stock market is manipulated in a range of ways from stock buybacks to leveraged buyouts; there's always some sort of game to be played. However, one of the primary reasons why the stock market is so high is because the measurement value the US Dollar is getting weaker.

People tend to pile cash into the stock markets during times of crazy currency debasement. You only have to look as far as the stock market in Venezuela and Zimbabwe to see what currency debasement does to a stockmarket.

Adjusting the measurement tool

So if the stock market is at an all-time high, how can I prove that the high is not what it seems. Well, one way is to measure the S&P, for example, in gold ounce terms, which does not look pretty.

As you can see since Setempeter 2018 the stock market priced in gold has been on a steady downward trend. WHile gold is an excellent way of seeing things differently, it too is manipulated to keep prices artificially low, which is why another way to look at it is through the eyes of Bitcoin.

Screenshot 20200629 at 15.11.48.png

Source: -

If we take a look at the S&P500 when measured in Bitcoin, it's pretty bleak viewing. I'm going to take a few dates and give you the overall value on the 1st of those months to illustrate.

DateS&P 500Bitcoin
Jan 2018281917 040
June 201827347 639
December 201826333466
Jan 201925313872
June 201928738978
December 201931456901
Jan 202032657374
June 202031939636

I couldn't find a chart online, and I was too lazy to create a full one, so I pulled some stats randomly to illustrate the chart below, but as you can see it's very much in a downward trend over the last two years even when BTC has been surprisingly dull.

Screenshot 20200629 at 15.35.03.png

Bitcoin and gold seem to tell a different story to what the dollar is saying about the stock market, so who could be right? You decide and place your bets, but my money is on Bitcoin and gold is right.

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What do you good people of HIVE think? Is Bitcoin trying to tell us the truth or force us to face it?

So have at it my Jessies! If you don't have something to comment, comment "I am a Jessie."

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Very solid and thoughtful post !

We loved it, do not hesitate to post similar jewels in HODL form time to time ;).

Upvoted Fully ! 😃

Thanks for the reminder, I keep forgetting lol its a bad habit of mine, will try to hit the HODL more often

No worries 😉 ! I hope you are doing great.

Stay safe in these crazy financial and crypto markets

The entire economy from pretty much every perspective is collapsing and even with all the various channels of manipulation, it can't be saved - just a matter of when.

Indeed and you know its such an amazing opportunity to have a debt jubilee and fix a lot of what's broken but we seem to think to preserve the status quo above all is the right thing to do, or at least those in power think so, what they don't understand is like you said when, they will relinquish power either to hyperinflation or through economic collapse through default, just different ways to get to the same conclusion

nice charts vs. gold and bitcoin 👍

Lol if I had the time I'd do a real breakdown I just didn't feel like pulling all that data, maybe some other time

Thanks for this post today @chekholer....this is more knowledge gained. I have one question to this whole thing, I thought of it yesterday after your yesterday post. If the de-dollarization finally takes place and gold or any other currently or form of stock exchange comes up, is it not the world and the global market just going around in a circle. Because all i see is a shift or change of wealth and not proper decentralisation. Tell me more if i am being wrong

Personally I am not sure what option they will choose after de-dollarisation

  • They could just issue a new fiat depending on the confidence or marshall law across the country and we extend the cycle to repeat again in a few years
  • They could let the banks go bust and use the current circulation and replace it with A CBDC so instead of debt-based money we just have money and it would then be the central bank's job to force people to spend and so there's more taxes and then pull the currency out of circulation as a controlled deflation to keep an artificially controlled economy afloat
  • They could go with the world bank and create a new Bretton woods and use the SDR (special drawing rights) as the new reserve currency but this would also just be a fiat repetition all over again
  • They could all go gold-backed but we all know governments love to spend and overpromise so it won't be long before the peg is broken and they start inflation stealing again

What I think might happen is each country won't agree and pick one of these 4 while some will try to open up to private money and those ones will become attractive to people and we'll see migration to those countries or even the creation of autonomous zones in countries

Wow! You just made me see it from different economic dimensions....i am really happy for this knowledge. I think if we don't have countries that will go into private money as you say and making their economy more actractive for trade and businesses, like we need about four of these countries to bring this into play. If this doesn't happen i think we might go back to same old circle within few years

It's an interesting game theory playing out, it may not even start at country level but ground level with states and provinces making moves first, like in the US Wyoming is far more crypto-friendly than New York. As people see prosperity in a certain space they'll either migrate or try to replicate in their home town. I always say if every African buys $10 of BTC now, we won't have poverty on the continent by the next halving


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It only takes a few Bitcoin whales to pump the price and they can easily dump to make the price down regardless of how many good market news. There are so many nice development for Bitcoin this year but the price is still not stablising above $10K. Bull or no bull, ordinary guys like us may just need to wait patiently.


I honestly don't even look at BTC in fiat terms anymore I measure by Satoshis. I think measuring in fiat is a mistake since now 50% of your analysts of the value is based on something that is manipulated. BTC's value isn't changing at all, in fact its the thing you measuring it it in that's changing as well as the confidence of people.

As long as I can keep using it to preserve some shred of what I worked for, I'm okay with BTC no matter the price

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