Has The Satoshi Begun To Drop?

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Hey Jessatoshis

As the old saying goes, the penny finally drops, but since none of us is interested in old money and all we want is new money, I've taken it upon myself to rework the phrase for 2020 and hoping the Satoshi drops for more people around the world. Financial engineering is all over our current system; the reason it requires fraud and intervention and changing of legal structures to accommodate the system is that it's unnatural and broken.

Nothing that is a free market requires this much management; it should effectively be self-governing and regulate itself to remove inefficiencies over time through rewarding good behaviour and punishing bad behaviour, like literally every ecosystem in nature.

The system has been running for so long that no one even questions it anymore, the people that lived a partially hard money world have aged out, died or didn't care to participate anymore and the rest of this think this is the norm.


Running faster to keep going backwards

The fiat system is designed to keep you running faster to hold on to what you've got and produce more for less. You need to work more to earn more money so that you can pay for ever-growing expenses that never seem to slow down.

Taking a break would mean taking a step backwards, which is unhealthy, no one should be punished for wanting to remove themselves from the rat race, they should be rewarded for their contributions to society by having their stored purchasing power safety stored in something they can rely on in the future.

Protests around the world seem to be disjointed, and all have a different focus but what they all essentially fighting against is the tyranny of the fiat system. It's only a matter of time before it clicks and they band together while this system is being stretched to its capacity and well beyond it.

Real savings incentives

I've come to a point where I don't even care about the price of BTC going up; in fact, I'm more focused on the prices going down so I can get more stake. These price movements are irrelevant; my time preference is so long term it doesn't matter what you by in at today in the grand scheme of things.

As so many places offer you nothing for your capital, BTC is the only place I feel I can store money and know it's going t be safe.

To some, that may seem crazy, but the Satoshi will drop eventually, you cannot justify the bubble theory of something that's been going as long as BTC has and going through 3 boom and bust cycles and now going into its fourth.

This is all a means to an end, and the end game is wealth creation and preservation, I'm all on board, are you?

Have your say

What do you good people of HIVE think? Has the satoshi dropped for more people that you know?

So have at it my Jessies! If you don't have something to comment, comment "I am a Jessie."

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You are such a bitcoin fain, that is awesome.

I'm a fan of good ideas and this one is the best and most well thought out one I've studied so far in crypto. I love picking holes in things and BTC is rock solid

I think you could name your future baby Satoshi, you are so passionate 😂Awesome

LOL My future wife would have to probably have no say in the matter for me to pull that off, its not as bad as Elon Musks baby new name, maybe I need to step my game up and call my kid something like - 1B7qnvnZNfDK3ZRTs3WwYJ2s6BZvVeky1T

Which was my first BTC public key :P I saved it for the memories

Hahahahah good luck in calling your kid to come join for dinner ahahha I can only imagine😂😂you are so funny

LOL by the time I call his name his food would be cold

Haha oh yes indeed

Had a look at bank term deposit rates today and I can't even get 1% lol.

LOL and here I am annoyed at the 2.2% I'm getting at the moment

Wish I could get 2.2% that well over double what I can get😲

Lol I used to get 7.25% before all this was going on so I'm hurting pretty and, hence my more aggressive move to BTC and these stable coin interest accounts. I guess you could always buy some TRUE AUSSSIE Dollars and dump them with Celsius and collect teh 8% APR compound if you're keen on custodial services

I am Jessie... Lol.
This are issues are keep hammering on in my blockchain series posts. Fiat isn't a suitable form of money to save with; the very fact that it is controlled by one central authority, the government is the reason for this.
Wealth redistribution is what the blockchain is bringing and even though I know it will take a while before it is finally achieved, I'm all in for it as well.

Exactly when you save in fiat you only save for the government to spend it either by tax or inflation, its abnormal and isn't a system I signed up for, we as the new generation need to peacefully change it by quietly opting out and accepting currency we have a say in

Seems the satoshi has still only dropped for me despite me mentioning it all to every one I know. Fine for me, more sats! Just wait until the prices start going into 6 figures then we'll have people flocking to us and boarding the train.


LOL one Satoshi for the price of admission and let me show you the way. I feel like when I talk to people about Bitcoin they look at me like I'm morpheus talking about the matrix like you take the fiat, you wake up in your bed and remember nothing you take the crypto, I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes

LOL! Next stop, satoshiville! Yeah this rabbit hole is pretty deep. You know you have your work cut out when you say to someone, "you realise that money has no value, it's just a piece of paper with a number on it" and they say "So?"

I'll speak to you in 5 years

So? So don't be asking me for any of my BTC when your fiat isn't worth a David Luiz against a Kevin De Bruyne. Excuse me while I halving a laugh all the way past the banks, I'm my own bank now

LOL, I think I'll have to use that analogy going forward when speaking to these guys, some of them are Arsenal fans so they may understand this language! Maybe there should be a "football IQ's guide to BTC"!


liquidating Hive and Steem

You sure got quite the altcoin portfolio, which one of those is your favourite?

i don't know, i'm largely ignorant and speculating... i've just been chasing some risers lately

This is all a means to an end, and the end game is wealth creation and preservation

I think this summarises it all...everyone now has to choose where they want to fall into. Because 'Que sera sera' (What will be will be)....it's just a matter of time

I like the way you put it and some will be all in fiat, some will be all in crypto and me I'll sit on the fence and look for value, yes I hate fiat but if there value to be found in a region I am not going to say no

Hahahaha......I like your business mind brother

Lol working my 50 years is not what I see in my future

I want to start investinhmg in btc but i want it to go dip a little then i buy .. if it goes dipper, i buy . When it goes high, i sell abd accumulate more btc .. i got tired of btc because if the 2917 crypto depression , but i am back to get more btc

I'm sure it does work for a few people but I feel timing the market isn't for me. I'd rather dollar cost average and continue to stack regardless. I don't have that much skin in the game that without leverage I could make trades that would be worth my time. I'd much rather spend my time working and getting capital to put into BTC at any price

Nice idea... this is another way to look at it