Why Does Nobody Understand Equity?

in money •  3 months ago 

I came across this post this morning:


I’m not trying to pick on this particular guy. This sort of sentiment is widely shared by those who see themselves as Robin Hood.

Very, very few people who are thought of as the evil rich have that much money. When you say someone is a millionaire or billionaire, you are talking about net worth, not how much currency they have.

The very richest guys, Bezos, Gates, Buffett, etc hold equity in the companies they built.

It’s just not the same thing as have 50 billion USD in the bank and sitting on it like a dragon. (To be clear, I’d have no problem with that if they did).

Anyways, that’s the thing that annoyed me this morning.

For more entertainment value, check out Musk’s presentation of his road warrior truck:

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I have always dreamed of being able to swim through currency like Scrooge McDuck. At that point you know you made it.


They think the rich are like Scrooge McDuck, with vaults of money floating around.


Elon is successful because he fails and he is successful because he's not scared to try...in life we can't bat 1.000 avg, but if we swing at the ball, it may make contact.

Nevertheless, that was funny...lol.

I’m not taking anything away from the guy, but this was right up there with Gates plugging a USB device when debuting windows 98 and getting a blue screen of death.

Lol...yeah he won't forget that, hopefully this won't discourage him....comes with the territory.