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Starting in 20 minutes on MSP Waves is episode #4 of

This week's show will be a bit of a 'special edition' as we will be looking ahead to the Hive Communities that are coming soon from Steemit Inc.

Joining me on the show will be Eli Powell, Managing Director of Steemit Inc, along with Tim Fesenko @roadscape the Senior Product Engineer who has been leading the development of the new Communities feature.

Along with SMTs, Communities are regarded by many as pivotal to the future progress of Steem. @roadscape talks more about them in a recent interview with Steemit Inc's Head of Communications @andrarchy...

ClickTrackProfit tribe founder @jongolson will also be joining me as guest co-host for the show.

The show will take place on the MSP Waves Discord channel between 8pm and 9pm UTC.right after @exyle's show.

The Show will take place on the MSP Waves Discord channel between 8pm and 9pm UTC on Mondays right after @exyle's show.

If you need to convert UTC time to your local time visit World Time Buddy.

You will be able to listen through the PAL Discord server, via, on Vimm.TV and on

To join in with the chat during the show please join the PAL/MSP Discord server.

If you missed the last episode of with @carrieallen from the Creative Coin, @zipporah from Sonic Groove, along with @midlet, the recording is available on

If you want to know more about Steem Tribes do pop along and listen in.

If you would like to come on the show to talk about your tribe message me on Discord (Pennsif#9921).

[ graphics by @pennsif ]

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