Why Are Steem, SBD, SP and SP Delegation temporarily disabled on Blocktrades

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Snapshot taking from blocktrades website showing that Steem related tokens are temporarily disabled

A friend of mine just wanted to use Blocktrades services to transfer Dogecoin from an exchange website and convert it to Steem in his wallet on the blockchain but we noticed that Steem, SBD, SP and SP delegations were all temporarily disabled.


Snapshot taking from blocktrades website showing that Steem related tokens are under maintenance

I have checked their blog post but didn't see any notifications, I have also checked to see if other members have had a mention of this issue but I haven't seen anything yet. So I decided to make a post about it to see if somebody knows about what happened that made Steem, SBD, SP and SP delegation to be under maintenance.

I am sorry if there was a notice somewhere about it, just that I haven't seen it yet and as there are just many information coming in and going out I may have missed something but I trust someone can fill us in on this.
Blocktrades has been a great website for me as I do almost all my transfers from crypto-currency exchangers to the Steem blockchain through them and I have never had any problems with them. I really do hope this is a temporal thing as mentioned in the notice.

I do wish blocktrades or someone in the know can respond as my friend wants to send the funds today. Thanks.

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@blocktrades any comment?

I checked now and noticed that the issues has been resolved.
They have a post made 2 hour ago - https://steemit.com/blockchain/@blocktrades/implementation-of-jurisdictional-agility-in-beos-blockchain

I did see that post, but it had a lot of code xD

Nice post and great that it got resolved @ketcom.

try use bittrex

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Thanks for the info, but I was really wanting to know is the is any issues with blocktrades. Cheers.

It seems okay on binance which is where I trade.

Yeah I know, my focus was blocktrades. Thanks.

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That is interesting I hope they will respond would be good to know why