Binance Recharges Hot-Wallet; Hive Bull Trap; Tron Foundation Sucks Down Stimulus Package; WO/2020/060606

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It looks like @binance-hot finally realized that they were insolvent.
After an hour or two without providing withdrawals we see this.
Looks like they were afraid to even transfer the money without testing it first.
Funny it took them this long to test it.
1 coin and then 100 and then 13.5 million. lawls.
Looks like they aren't going to run out of liquidity after all, so that's good.

Bull Trap

I bought Hive around 5k sats and now we are trading near 4k.
This is actually the first time where I'm rooting for it to crash further after recently buying.
I'll certainly add on some more if we get down to 3k sats.
Huge buy wall there.
If it goes down to 2k I'll be buying a ton and certainly regain my orca status.

However, I still need to secure my account.
Still trying to cold sign the transaction for changing recovery.
Need to stop slacking.


Tron: "No Comment"

The Tron Foundation has declined to comment on a report circulating in Chinese media that it has received stimulus funding from the U.S. government.

Tron representative Ryan Dennis told The Block: "We are a private company and this being a financial matter, we are unable to comment. I am happy to share, however, that our first priority is to always follow laws/rules/regulations of the governing bodies wherein we build our worldwide community."

You know, if Tron was an American company and they said "no comment" on that I wouldn't think anything of it. However, a non-American company saying "no comment" is so much more suspicious to me. Wouldn't you expect a non-American company to come out and say:

Of course we didn't get US stimulus you idiots!
We're not American!

Maybe it's just me but this seems to be one of the more damning "I plead the 5th" moments.

Given the non-denial from Tron, it's possible that the U.S. business entity that maintains the Tron office in San Francisco could have successfully applied for coronavirus relief. Tron also owns BitTorrent, another U.S.-based company.

And the article doesn't even mention Steemit Inc, another obvious American acquisition.

Showing us yet again how easy it is for this toolbag to fail up.


More on WO/2020/060606


Let's talk about what a worthless piece of garbage this patent is.


Okay, so you get chipped by Microsoft with this thing, and then what?
You get rewarded crypto depending on if certain actions are performed.
I mean it sounds kinda cool.
It's even something a project like @actifit could use to reward users for exercise.
And it would be far less prone to hacking and abuse.

But you know who can hack it?

The government and Microsoft. In fact, anyone that can hack it can hack it and send the required signals to Microsoft's databases to get the money. So of course they need a record of people that qualify. So of course they need a database full of people on a list who are getting paid. Which means a centralized authority (them) is going to choose who is and who is not on the list, which defeats the entire purpose of crypto... so obviously.

Unless the signals this thing transmits could be in no way falsified (impossible) it's a completely worthless technology from a decentralization standpoint. Bitcoin has value because you can't fake energy consumption and the overhead cost of hardware.

Unless this patent goes full Matrix and turns the human body into a battery or figures out a digital resource that only the human body can produce (sounding like a chip in your brain at this point) then the system will be inherently centralized because participants must be selected by a centralized authority. It can only be decentralized if participants can enter and exit at will pseudo-anonymously just like Bitcoin itself.

It stands to reason that its only other purpose is...?

Seriously though why would they call it World Order 2020 666?
Even as an atheist that is creepy.

Why's that?

Because as a capitalist it makes no sense to title your Patent like that. Such a decision could only stand to lose Microsoft money. Is this a game to them? Do they not care about making money? What the fuck? Makes no sense to be honest.


There's a lot of crazy shit going on out there.
I'm just trying to keep up.

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I figured this patent would be “supposedly” used to detect body temp etc. to mark people with “the virus” (whichever one is popular at the time) and that way they can be denied access to whatever the fascists think that certain people should be denied access to. The crypto being granted for certain body states as more of a tag than a currency.
Who knows what else that tech will be able to detect.

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Damn that patent thing was weird. I was like what the hell is WO202060606. I thought you lost your marbles. Then finished the section and damn that’s creepy..

That’s funny how incriminating it is for companies and people to not comment or plead the 5th. Guilty of course!

These crypto things like the Microsoft thing make me laugh they can't secure servers, what makes us think that they will secure a digital ledger like blockchain? They won't decentralize it.

If Tron hires Americans and pays US corporate taxes, why not?

Because F that, lol.
The argument is Companies like Tron are getting special treatment because they have close ties to the banking industry.

It's amazing that Tron received money from the USA relief efforts wow.

Crazy patent!!

I know that this has nothing relative with your post but did you saw the blocktrades new proposal @edicted?, and seems reasonable for you?, I want to know your opinion about it.

The more I think about it the more sure I'm about what you commented on your post promoting you as witness, I mean we need to burn that DAO shit right now.

About this post that Microsoft chip is madness in its pure form. Where the fuck this world goes?.

PD: What do you think about making a proposal for freezing new funds to incoming proposals until we have a better system for voting them. This is getting out of control.

Okay, so you get chipped by Microsoft with this thing, and then what?

Chipped? Well, it does talk about a device OF a user rather than a device IN a user. 😏

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