Invest, Invest, Invest - That's All I Have to Say @spinvest

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Please note: None of the information presented in this article is meant as investment advice. Please invest wisely before putting your hard earned money into something you know little about. Be sure to perform all necessary research ahead of time.

An Investment Opportunity: Both on and off chain - SPinvest

SPinvest is set up as an investments club. As a club, the power is in the peoples' hands. The way it should be. The founder of @spinvest could have done it the way most would - taken a standard cut from the pie from the beginning and then leaving it at that. Instead, he has created something that allows all club members to have an equal say in how the club is run, and how investments are made.

Steem Power Investments Club is set up in such a way that creates serious passive wealth from utilizing STEEM's high inflation rate as well as the power and direct utilities of Steem Power - what is thought to be the gold standard of the STEEM blockchain (until the advent of @spinvest). This is done through various means, with the main method of passive growth coming from filling lease requests via It's simple when you think about it, and the idea has blossomed into something quite extraordinary. The club has and continues to experience serious growth in not only token sales and passive STEEM, but also LEO tokens through a separate account that has been set up by @jk6276.leo, which takes advantage of LEO curation.

spinvest  moon.png

The investment club has and will continue to grow with more and more ideas continuing to surface that have been resting on the back burner just waiting to be implemented. The club has been actively engaged toward taking @spinvest to the next level, offering a dividend at the most recent token milestone (50,000); collaborating with @spinvest-leo to offer SPI for LEO delegation; frequent SPI buys through PayPal; and several other interesting features. The options are seriously limitless, as a ton of bright minds thinking together calls for some serious 'AHA' moments. There are serious talks amongst all members involved, and we are excited to continue pushing forward toward 75,000 tokens, and eventually 1 million, before becoming completely decentralized.

How Does SPinvest Work?

It's simple, really. It goes like this:

You send STEEM directly to @spinvest (currently 1.20 STEEM = 1 SPI token). The STEEM you send will be compensated for in SPI tokens. You can also buy and sell directly on steem-engine. The idea behind SPI makes this token even more versatile than Steem Power.

You may be wondering how this is even possible, but allow me to explain in further detail. SPI is 100% backed by SP, and there is also a 95% buy back guarantee at any time. Say STEEM was to have a bull run, and you wanted to cash some of your STEEM out, but most all your STEEM was staked as Steem Power. You would have to wait 13 grueling weeks for your SP to convert fully back to liquid STEEM in order to cash out. 13 weeks is just too much time, and let's face it, a bull run can come and go in the flash of an eye.

Screenshot 3.png

This is where SPI becomes even more valuable. Backed 100% by Steem Power, SPI can immediately be sold and cashed in. If a bull run were to hit, having SPI as opposed to SP, would be much more beneficial for those looking to turn their SP to STEEM, and then fiat. With this being said, SPI is essentially "LIQUID STEEM POWER," an extremely versatile investment on the chain.

I've even thought of powering down some of my SP to simply continue building my stake in SPI, which is currently closing in on 3,000 tokens. SPI is seriously a versatile investment opportunity right at the palm of your hands. Please take the time to do your research and get involved. @spinvest posts daily and keeps investors in the loop as to what is taking place regarding earnings, holdings, on and off chain investments, new ideas and propositions, club votes, upcoming meetings, etc.

A number of smart investors have already got involved, and are set to reap the benefits when STEEM finally decides to make a run. Investing in SPI is fun, it's smart, and it's made super easy thanks to @silverstackeruk. We are always looking for more investors to help grow this thing up and outward. Once we hit 1 million tokens, this thing will be fully decentralized. When STEEM goes, SPI will go, too.

Well, what are you waiting for? Do your research and start investing in a 'tribe' that has a true foundation and backing to grow from. The sky is the limit with @spinvest

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Awesome write up.

"Liquid Steem Power" should be our slogan I think.

Thanks for the mention, will have an announcement tomorrow making the LEO program even better.

Hey, thanks, really appreciate it @spinvest-leo

I think if this caught on- liquid steem power - more people would be willing to take the plunge. I don’t know what’s holding people back - lack of knowledge, simply not knowing at all, or just don’t care, but I hope our investor base significantly increases in the future...

132 investors just simply won’t be possible to get to 1 million tokens. Maybe I’m being too worrisome, but I wanna see all this hard work pay off.

Keep it up man, you’re an intricate part of spinvest and the clubs growth.

See you around 🙏🏼

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@conradsuperb, This sounds awesome stuff brother. I am looking forward to it and hopefully in near future it will going to play an empowering role. Stay blessed.

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Yessir, great investment. I’m holding almost 3,500 SPI and if steem runs in the future I can recoup my initial steem investment. It’s a great opportunity and the founder is a really trustworthy individual. Looking forward to seeing your name on our list of investors. All you have to do is send steem to the spinvest account. Current rate is 1.20 STEEM for 1 SPI

let me know if you have any questions, brother 💪🏻

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I will definitely ask questions in future if i encounter with any confusion or doubt. Looking forward to it. Have a great time ahead.

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Wow is right. Something to look into for sure. I know @chireerocks likes what he sees, too.

Let me know if you have any questions

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