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It is easy to be full of gloom when we think things are not going well. In the world of cryptourreny, this hits us like a baseball bat. We are mired in a bear market that took many tokens 90+% off their all-time highs.

The stock market is the exact opposite. I read that we touched out 19th ATH this year today. That is pretty amazing considering there are some reputable people who think that the global economy is in poor shape.

No matter where one stands on the economy, it is hard to argue the stock market has been strong. I guess it comes down to the fact that "my easing is trumps your economy".

As I look out into the future, I tend to have an optimistic outlook. Yes, there will be recessions which cause hardships for millions of people. We are going to see some pretty nasty stuff happening. This reality does not escape me.

I also see, however, the power that technology has and how quickly it is moving. For those who are unaware, the next decade is going to see progress the equivalent to the last 50. In other words, we will see progress in the next ten years that equals what a middle-aged person saw his or her entire life.

This means great opportunity on so many levels. To start, we are going to see the lives of billions, along with the plight of humanity, pole-vaulted forwarded. We are about to embark upon the greatest poverty eliminated humanity ever saw. Over the next 6-8 years, over 3B new people will be connected to the Internet. What do you think this does for those in Sub-Sahara Africa or SE Asia? Things that we take for as elementary such as sanitation or crop rotation are suddenly available to them. Access to the world's database is going to spur a great deal of innovation.

It is easy to believe things are going backwards. In spite of all the obstacles that are out there, things are improving and at a rapid pace.

Here is a talk that is given by Ray Kurzweil. Some think him a genius while others a kook. No matter where one's stance, the forecasting ability and intelligence he has is beyond most of us. He is one of the brilliant minds we have on this planet.

In this interview, he provides are great deal of data that tells of the trends of things. It is a fabulous video if one is interested in the pace of change.

While I do not agree with him on everything (technological unemployment as an example), I do realize he is a valuable resource.

The video is long but half of it is his presentation with the other half being question and answers. The first half is full of pertinent material.

A large part of success is not seeing things are they are now but, rather, how they are going to be. There are a lot of companies, mega-corporations, that will be nothing more than a memory in 2030. The pace and scope of disruption is that great.

We are seeing a great deal of optimism tied to Steem these days. It is wonderful to witness. This is something that I carried with me the two and a half years on this site. Why was I able to do that? Simply because I could see where the technology was going, what was being developed, and do not get caught up in the present issues. Technology always has setbacks but it is powerful enough to overcome them.

Even the failure of Steemit Inc and the eventual downsizing did not bother me a great deal. I know the type of developers that were part of this community and the talent they bring to the table. Sure enough, when the you know what hit the fan, they stepped up. Isn't it interesting that less than 90 days after the Steemit Inc announcement, Steem-Engine showed up. Add in the fact that a few months later we saw the addition of tribes and it is easy to see how quickly the community an act.

I have a very bearish outlook on the present financial system. I think it is rather evident where this all is going to end up. That said, the financial future of most humans is only going to improve. We are going to see a radical expansion in our production capabilities. The difference is, with blockchain as a core concept, most will be able to share in the proceeds.

Technology is changing things up at a pace few of us are comfortable with. This is something we are just going to have to accept. Today is the slowest pace of change we will see. Tomorrow, the advancement will equal to day plus a tad more.

While it is easy to fall prey to fear, there should be a lot of reasons for optimism. In a decade, many of the issues we are dealing with today will be long forgotten. For example, I think by 2030, we will look back and laugh that we use to argue over the cost of healthcare. Technology is starting to assault that industry like sugar ants going after a cookie. Some big players such as Apple, Google, and Samsung all put a technological bull's eye on that sector.

Like we saw with the FUD pertaining to crypto, without investigation, it is easy to believe what is being published. However, with a bit of investigation, it is easy to see past the headlines and rhetoric.

Agendas are still very strong and powerful entities are insistent upon keeping them implemented. That is often what is behind the mis-characterization of things.

Being mindful of what is taking place can be of great help especially when it comes to what we are going to support and invest in.

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This is a good post. The future is wonderful. I look forward all the technology that is on the way. The guy has a bad rug on his head.

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You can always cry later.

Ha! Love that.

Especially true if your actions are going to be the same regardless.