Picketing for Raises but the coffers are empty?

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source: https://www.businessinsider.com.au/report-only-2-of-australians-think-of-themselves-as-upper-class-2015-10

The more things change, the more things stay the same. Do you think that is just a saying, or is it the truth? The former seems to ring through to me. We have periods of prosperity, and periods of great darkness. The mind is sometimes a shallow thing. Is prosperity defined by material wealth when there is plenty to eat? Or is it when there is still freedom to choose?

A better question could be what is darkness? Such and obtuse definition of what could be bad. Why should we focus on the mind? What is the mind anyways? I could strap on a virtual helmet and see whatever I want to see. I could even feed myself intravenously similar to the matrix and not know the difference. A virtual paradise and I never have to move or do anything. My muscles may atrophy, and I could whither away without even knowing it. So then what is the purpose of my existence altogether?

What is the virtual world giving me to make me so happy? Too much of a good thing is in many cases detrimental to ones physical and emotional state of being. Slavery is two-fold. There is the physical component, and of course the mental component. 1% of the world's population can control most of the worlds wealth while the 99% cry. Is this something different than what has gone on in world history? Perhaps we think our generation is some how special. We have 'systems' and 'intellectuals'. We certainly have more gadgets!

Nobody wants to be a debt surf. I of all people understand this. I am a slave to a system that still somehow is letting the middle class slip away once again. A recent article stated only 2000 of the richest trillionaires control the wealth of the world. Do they really control anything? The world could rise up and over power couldn't they? Perhaps the system is just rigged! More darkness seems to descend on the rest of the population. Survival of the fittest I gather..


Here's some food for thought. A rich family; say part of the 1% has a child who has contracted a deadly disease. It is terminal and there is no cure. All the wealth in the world will not help this poor child. If you are a parent and care about your child; a feeling of helplessness can certainly bring you down to the level of a slave. The mental slavery of such a situation cannot give freedom or release. The feeling of dread and depression can certainly lock you in.

Now if you asked someone who is poor; angry at that wealthy person perhaps they will laugh and sneer. They are different. They are objectified and have lost their right to be called human! They may say, 'good' one less evil to deal with. Perhaps in both cases the wealthy and the poor have left their humanity at the door.

So we come up with 'systems' and 'theories' that never seem to pan out. Let's distribute the wealth people say! So why does it always seem to end up trickling down to the masses. But it wasn't implemented properly, that's the problem I hear incessantly. Well what has been proven is that there's always somebody doing better than the others in such a scenario. It's all for the fatherland, or motherland they say.

Anyone who advocates for steeling ones hard work to distribute to the 'weak' is also a criminal. The weak are also physically and mentally not up to the challenge. Why are they so special? Perhaps its you who is so special to advocate for such crimes. They refuse to see the nature of a beast who sometimes schemes to be at the top. Wealth is not power, and sometimes power is not wealth. Perhaps wealth is a means to have power but they aren't always the same.

Out biggest sin as a race is marginalizing and scape goating. We do this to cope with our 'situations'. I could have, they could have, we could have. In the end we usually push the goat down the cliff, or it's slaughtered in front of the frothing angry crowds! Off with their heads! Hoping the sins will just go away while creating a new breed of sins.

We are back in the cycle. Our minds and bodies are becoming enslaved en mass. What should we do? Study history and know what is to come? Perhaps it is simply the cycle of life when looking at the human species as a whole. There is no doubt we have the power to make things better. Perhaps it requires a new 'fair' system, cronyism is the biggest crutch

We cannot control where we are born and which parents we are given. There are the cases where handicapped people from birth miraculously become the 1%. Why is it they do not remember or feel for others. Perhaps they do, but their title as 'wealthy' marginalizes those who choose charity. Sometimes we also forget where we came from and the wealth itself feeds the ego.

If you were looking for answers, I have none but the possibility of one. We have a choice in our minds. If the mind is more powerful than even physical slavery; perhaps it can be used to not only cope with a situation but to help get us out of it. There's the odd wealth to riches scenerio's; but not when the game is fixed.


This little blog should not be used to defend the poor, or even the rich. It's to remind us of why we are here. We can objectify all we want, but it may not change our circumstance. We can join the howling crowds cutting people's head's off. We can pretend our vote makes a difference even when the elected official has been paid off. The answer has and always will be liberty. What liberty is to you, is the main difference.

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Perhaps in both cases the wealthy and the poor have left their humanity at the door.

This is often the case, it seems. We stop thinking of people as people and start thinking of them as the social context they happen to be part of: "The Rich" and "The Poor" become things that exist independently of their individual humanity.

I know shitty rich people, and kind and generous rich people, just like I know shitty poor people and kind poor people.

And so, indeed, we must remind ourselves to step outside the "group think" and look at who we are, individually.

I’m impressed you read it. I think actually that’s my point. Thank you sir.

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