PAL & LEO Are Proof That Steem Can Be A Successful Smart-Contract Platform!

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You know, when Steem-Engine first launched, I was a little bit sceptical that it would become successful. During those first couple of weeks, everybody was launching their own token, most of which didn't really amount to anything.

It was only when PAL first launched that I saw any real promise. PAL immediately had great support from the community and we actually started seeing some decent trading volume. PAL's value also went up significantly, with enough BUY pressure to support it.

I have to admit that I was quite tempted to sell everything at once and cash out. I'm glad that I didn't, while I've sold around 200 PAL in total, I staked the rest.

Oh boy, was I happy that I did that when SteemLEO launched and sent out an airdrop to everyone who had staked their PAL. Again, SteemLEO's price started out very strong and I see no reason for it to drop significantly any time soon.

More To Come!

All of this has been made possible without having SMTs, imagine what would happen if SMTs were finally released!

I suspect that the success of PALnet and SteemLEO will have long-lasting effects on the entire Steem community. They've shown that it is possible to launch successful projects on the Steem blockchain (via Steem-Engine) and I suspect that this will not go unnoticed. Having proof of working products like these is invaluable in my opinion, even more so because they're actually supported by fairly large communities underneath. It's something that most other DApps can only dream of. Think about all the DApps on other blockchains that barely have any users. (hint: there are a lot!)

Because the community here on Steem is so tight-knit, it's not too difficult to reach a fairly large following from the get-go. To me, this is the main reason why I think it's possible for Steem to become the go-to blockchain for future DApp developers!

Investing on Steem-Engine

Look, I'm pretty conservative with my crypto investments, I hold just a couple of coins: Bitcoin, Steem & Litecoin. I've now reached a point where I'm actually seriously considering investing more into projects like PALnet and SteemLEO.

While, I do not give out advice on what you should do with your money, I can still say that it might be a good idea to buy into some of the projects on Steem-Engine that you support. I suspect there might be more of these airdrops coming to people who stake their PAL or SteemLEO tokens. When that happens, I want to be 100% ready for it!

In the end, do what you feel is right, but make sure you're not left out when things are moving forward on Steem!

I'm going back to the beach to drink some more cocktails, I'm still on vacation after all...

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It's quite enjoyable too messing about putting a few limit buys and sells on steem-engine. Mainly buys for me.

I think I'm done with that now though, time for me to sit back and enjoy the ride, or not.

I've also gone the other way and bought some more BTC and ETH, to diversify away from Steem a little.

Steeemmonsters cards have also been one the best investments on the chain of course, if you look at them as 'tokens', which they effectively are.

I was thinking the other day if only actifit could get its act together and get a similar set up to PAL with staked tokens and well staked moderators that system could work really for them, then it occurred to me the problem of vetting people, which had already been done on PAL effectively.

A few random comments, interesting times!

Enjoy your vacation.

I'm thinking about buying a couple of those miner tokens, just to see whether I'd actually make some ROI on those. Yeah, I'm also still investing in more traditional cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, can't miss the huge bull run when it happens :D


I'm not sure how the ROI works on the PALMs - @felander has 10 PALMMs and makes 6 PAL day, which sounds pretty good.

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Haha.. enjoy the cocktails! I was quite surprised to see the success of both the PAL and LEO tokens, I'm curious how they will pan out over the much longer term. ... and you are right, there are many other tokens on other blockchains with much much higher marketcaps and barely any active users. The mind boggles...

I guess this a good reminder for me to stake my LEO as well...

although... I have to ask, is this really a smart contract?

Yes I do agree I think you make a very good point and these are good development son the platform, Enjoy your cocktails and vacation :)

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine recently and I tried to explain to him what steemit was. He saw me tweaking my drugwars profile and enquired what I was up to, I told him it is steemit and then logged in using Planet, showed him a couple of my blog posts, then used steempeak to show my wallet and all the steem-engine tokens I have. He was left all the more confused by the fact that I said it is a blogging platform built on a blockchain. Steemit community is so many things and I'm grateful to be part of this place.

I agree that PAL was eye-opener for me as to the possibilities of Steem. Steemleo, put an interesting spin on the future by airdropping to people who staked their PAL, rewarding people who saw the possibility of the future of the blockchain. I hope future airdrops are to those that are committed to the platform and the future.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation.

Yeah, I really do hope that early stakers will be rewarded more in the future. Now that's a very good way to ensure commitment to the platform!

Totally agree with what you said here and Pal & Leo are just the beginning of the series of successful tribes. I hope that more and more communities will emerge soon. Cheers

It is brilliant what Aggroed had done but steemleo is specific only for financial type of posts @daan

Huh, isn't this a financial type post then? While the title may indicate otherwise, the content itself basically only talks about investing in Steem-engine tokens.

I'm a bit confused and wonder what @khaleelkazi or @steem.leo thinks.

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That say it all. And I hope you enjoying your vacation

Thanks :)

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