One Of The Best 'Secret' Beaches In The World

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Jamaica has previously been called the number one Caribbean destination by a variety of surveys.

Not only is it a top destination for cruise travelers but it's also got some of the most impressive beaches to visit in the world.

Just recently, Jamaica made the list of the best kept secret beaches in the Caribbean, along with Antigua, British Virgin Islands, Anguilla, and other areas.

For Jamaica, it is Doctor's Cave Beach that earned them the recognition this time around.

Doctor's Cave Beach is regarded as one of the most visited beaches on the island, and has been regarded as one of the top beach destinations to visit for years.

Doctor's Cave Beach Club is located in Montego Bay, and the admission for the beach is less than $10 USD per day. The beach area is open from 8:30am until sunset. Having been founded many years ago, with the property being donated back in 1906, the beach still holds the reputation as being one of the best to visit in the world. You can find a bar, restaurant, along with changing rooms and showers, and for members of the club there are several club rooms to access. You can rent umbrellas, snorkel gear and other equipment, chairs etc for your visit.

For those who want to stay nearby there is also a hotel, the Doctors Cave Beach Hotel, a 3 star resort featuring a pool, parking, internet access, game rooms, and more.

For Jamaica, Montego Bay is still one of the supreme location for tourists to visit on the island. That is because Montego Bay is known to have more resorts and other activities to engage in, more so than any other destination around Jamaica. Along with Montego Bay, tourists also prefer to frequent areas like Ocho Rios, Negril, and Port Antonio, these are considered to be the main tourist hubs. Kingston is known as the largest city in the Caribbean and it too is a popular destination for travelers to the region.

This year they are seeing record-breaking travel numbers, with millions of people around the world coming to discover the region.


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Seven Mile Negril
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Make sure no construction is going on in the Hotels close to
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