Current Steem Price And The Opportunity For Small Accounts To Grow To Minnow Status

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When I first joined the Steem blockchain last year, the price of Steem was hovering around $1 to $0.90 per Steem and this meant that you needed about $500 to become a Minnow.

However, the price of Steem at present offers a lot of small accounts the opportunity to move to the minnow level because the price is at a knock down price. Steem at $0.19 means that you can get over 500 Steem for $100. This is really a great opportunity if you have a long term view of the Steem Blockchain.

This is also a good time to get a good stake in the Steem-Engine tribe tokens as most of them are also at a low price now.

Note: Please don’t take this as a financial advice, do your own research or contact your lawyer or accountant before taking any decision. If you quote me as your source of information for taking your own financial decisions I’ll say I said whatever I said under the influence of alcohol. Lol.

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There is something called dollar averaging and I think if we're growing our SP, it is a great way to level things up especially when prices starts going up. Cheers mate.

This is how I look at it too.
BTC controls the market, and Steem rolls with the up’s and down’s.
With all the new development on Steem-Engine we really are a hidden gem!
Dollar cost averaging is a smart move!👍

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