Investing In SP Leasing Has Huge Potentials

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I spent some amount of Steem recently leasing SP from ( to grow my SP to over 22000 SP (remember, a large proportion of that is leased). Why did I do that you might ask, the answer to that question is simply, to gain more influence.

“Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn on curation rewards. “

On the wallet page of Steemit you clearly see the description of the quote above as what Steem Power is. I curate a lot of members and with the introduction of 50/50 authors reward and curation in HF21/22 it means I need a lot of SP to influence how much I receive from curation of members post. If I were to wait until I save up to buy 22k worth of Steem Power that will really take a long time coming to achieve but with leasing of SP I can bring the future to present at a cost of cause.

I looked at how much Steem I spent to get 20k leased SP and said to myself, wow! These guys are really making a hell of a lot of money. Lol. I must confess, I am reaping the benefits of having a 22k+ SP as I am earning a lot from curation since after HF21/22 and I would like to believe that a lot of members that are receiving my upvotes are also happy too. So it is a win, win for the people that are leasing out their SP, for me using the SP and for the people I am impacting.

In one of my comment exchange with @thecryptodrive (one of the top guns at buildteam managers of and dlease), he made me to come to the realization that I could target earning higher APR from leasing SP. You can see a snapshot of the comments below”

SP APR comment.jpg

"No probs, thanks for offering a good APR. My account is a showcase account for potential investors so keeping it above 20% APR is great, your orders help".

From his comment, 20% APR is really big when compared to what banks are paying these days. But the interesting thing we have to consider if you are a content creator is, is it worth it buying say Bitcoin or Litecoin or even Dogecoin and just leaving it in your wallet and hoping that in say 10 years time it will grow say 20X? Are we still in that era?

A friend of mine bought Bitcoin when it was $17k+ and I am very sure a lot of us bought it at that time too, I know I did. He was counting on the fact that some popular antivirus inventor predicted that the price of Bitcoin will worth more than $1million by end of 2020 and if it did not get to that price he would eat his d..k. I wonder how that will taste as we are already in 2019 and end 2020 is not so far. I even heard he is contesting for the post of President of the US, good luck to him.

Anyways, the purpose of this post is not about d..k eaters, it is to draw our attention to the fact that Bitcoin has since gone down in price from the level it was back then, the quantity you have is still the quantity that remains in your wallet. Today my friend is still waiting, but seeing that the price of Steem is also down, imagine what it will be like investing $5000 into just SP Leasing with a ROI targeted at 20% APR and above.

Investment - $5,000

Current price of Steem - $0.17

$5,000 should get us 29,411 Steem and which when powered up gives us 29,411 SP to lease out at a target APR of 20$ and above.

This should fetch you 5,882 Steem in a year time. But this defiantly will be higher than 5,882, because @minnowbooster (@dlease) pays out your earnings daily and if you were to reinvest those daily returns you are sure going to get far more than 5,882. Massive returns I tell you..

However, the point many would want to make is that the price of Steem is still going down, but how low can it get? If this is about the base level for Steem low price, how high can the price of Steem go? Then again, you have the other question of how high can the price of Bitcoin go?

If we were to start today, would I invest in $5,000 to buy Bitcoin and just leave it in my wallet or would you buy Steem and power it up to have a large amount of SP to lease out? I think I’ll take the Steem option. This is because I feel my investment will be working a lot for the Steem blockchain and giving me a lot of returns which I can reinvest, there is also a huge possibility of price appreciation with all the stuff happening on the Steem blockchain at the moment.

Thanks for reading my post, like I always say, upvote it if you liked it I’ll truly appreciate that. Keep your comments coming and follow me if you have not already done that. Again, thanks a lot for your support to me always.

Note: Please don’t take this as a financial advice, do your own research or contact your lawyer or accountant before taking any decision. If you reference my post as your source of information for taking your own financial decisions I’ll say I said whatever I said under the influence of alcohol. Lol.

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yeah i had noticed you jumped in front of me on the que at dlease. hahaha

You need to get back to posting Actifit so I can make some curation rewards off you..

lol, i will eventually.

Wow! Chief, it's been a really long time.
I was wondering what you where doing at the leasing place. Lol.
Thanks for dropping by, you are appreciated.

leased some steem as a trial.

i'm still here, just don't comment much. busy watching what's going on, drop in say hello anytime.

That is good.
Feels great to hear from you.

Thanks for sharing your experiences with, I'm busy filling some of your lease orders now.

Thanks a lot @thecryptodrive for filling them, I am trying to push it even higher. And thanks for the thumbs up.

Thanks for sharing that @ketcom, and yeah I have leased some SP too, I actually think it was you that I got the idea from in the first place, though I am only using it right now to allow me to delegate SP to certain projects without lowering my Voting Power, but it's still a grerat deal, have an awesome day.

Thanks my dear, great to hear it is working for you. Cheers mate.


I'm waiting to see the dick eating. !popcorn

You'll wait a lot longer. Lol.

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