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In my native language which is the Igbo language a university is referred to as “Mahadum” which when translated literally to English means “know them all’. Now, it doesn’t necessarily mean that once you have graduated from a university you “know it all”, nah. After all you only went to read one course out of the many the university offers.

A university should be a place where a place where people can learn a lot of things, not just academics, but social living and getting exposed to what a life on independence is all about as people don’t go to university with their parents at least normally. Lol. You get to make friends, new relationships, join sporting activities or other social/political groups if that is your thing.

By the time one graduates from a Mahadum, it is expected that your understanding should be different. People think highly of you because they believe that such education should give you an advantage over those who don’t attend such institution. However, it is not always so as people fall by the wayside, some get distracted at the university and they graduate with a lot of confusion and frustration with the system and sometimes we see them causing a lot of havoc in the society even before they have graduated from.

The Steem blockchain is increasingly becoming a knowledge based platform where you can go and read up loads of informative stuff, watch interesting/educative stuff on the video channels that are present on it, people also play different types of games to pass time and earn/lose some money. Not only that, you can invest in a lot of growing opportunities that keep springing up day in and day out, you can trade on different tokens thanks to Steem-Engine and most importantly you can support so many of the wonderful projects that are present on the blockchain. The wonderful thing also is that you can start up your own project if you feel strongly about a cause.

For something to be regarded as a knowledge base it means that the contents present there in should have some level of correctness and reliability. For any good content creator I think just posting a picture without a text description of what it is all about can’t be said to be informative/educative. You may own the picture and understand it but a lot of us don’t understand where you’re coming from so please remember we are not you and add some text to it so that we can learn from your content.

There are so many things to talk about be it content creators or curators because we are not there yet but we are making progress. I have loads of mentors on here that have helped me improve my writing skills not because they sat me down to teach me but because I have been reading their post daily for a long time and I have been trying to improved my writing skills but I also know that I am not there yet too. But I know I can’t compare myself now with myself a year ago because I know I have improved. And I think it is the same for many of us, majority didn’t come here perfect, they came to learn and grow. We should encourage this type of attitude but remember it takes time.

Some are perfect already, that is in the view of some of us that are still learning, so it is great to see stuffs to learn from. In my own little way I try each time I post a video of my rabbits, I give descriptive details about the rabbits so that people that don’t know some much about them, can learn from my post. I have experimented on cooking some dishes I read about on this platform. I have also tried out other stuff because the info I got here were solid and they have worked out ok, so for me I think it is working, gaining more knowledge here is working.

I introduced someone to Steem, helped him setup his account and emphasized the need for him to be original, not engaging in copy and pasting and the need to reference the owner of an image he used if he isn’t the original owner. That wasn’t a problem for him his problem was how to remember the difference between Steem, Steem Power and Steem Back Dollar and why we should have 3 different 3 currencies. I had taught him everything but back then Steem was paying out rewards in SBD but by the time he started receiving his rewards they were in coming in Steem as against SBD, this was confusing to him. He is not alone, there are many things newbies and even old times need to learn and whatever you know already should be presented in a way that everybody can benefit from it, not just by the rewards you receive but that in a year time someone can still see your post and even though they can’t upvote it because it is way over the 7 days payout date but that they will appreciate reading it because they gained a lot from it.

On-boarding members is not just a problem here but keeping the people that finally made their way here is also a problem and that is where educating new members on how they can develop themselves and progress is also important if don’t want to be experiencing what can be regard to as a high bounce rate. A client of mine called me and was complaining that she spent X amount of money to promote her product on Facebook and that she actually had over 20000 views but that none translated into a sales. We shouldn’t have such situation on Steem where we’ll have millions of account but only a few are active accounts.

We are very sellable with what we have on this blockchain, we are dynamic, we have loads of developers doing their thing to add that extra spice to the eco-system and we have great people investing in it. This shows a lot of commitments to see that the blockchain becomes the toast of all Altcoins. We can all work together to make this place a better place and it is important we do because we are invested here no matter how small or big your investments are and it’s not just about the money, your time and commitments are also of great value.

First time user experience is very important, ability to locate how stuff works easily and be able to navigate your way round the blockchain is also important. It is on us to sell Steem to the outside world and educate them about the good stuff it has to offer because it is our investment. The more you bad mouth it about all the bad things you think is happening the more your investment loses value. There is a saying in Pidgin English which goes thus “Monkey no fine but em mama like am.” It simply means “A monkey is not fine but its’ mother like him”. Steem may not be great as we want it to be right now but it is ours, it is our investment and so we must do our best to make it great.

Thanks for reading my post, you can show your support by upvoting it, please keep your comments coming I love them and will respond as soon as I can. You can follow me if you haven’t already so that you’ll be seeing my post in your feed. Again, thanks a lot for your support to me always.

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Very well started @ketcom, on-boarding is the problem in my opinion. I daily post my @actifit to Facebook to expand exposure to Steem. This is our investment, some will tell you not to focus on this but attracting investors is very important to our future here!👍

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Very true @silvertop and investors will only invest in something they understand.

Spot on my friend!!😀