Upgrading From 3G To 4G Phone Network

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I have been having issues with internet service for some time now and it is not letting up. You can’t believe that I struggle with sending an email sometimes for hours before it finally goes. It works better at my office but at home it just stinks some times. In general, it gets worst when it rains, I don’t know if the connecting wires needs to dry out or if the networks are allergic to rain that causes almost zero service sometimes.

My elder sister came visiting me from another part of the country and she told me she had the same problem but the when she reported it at their service centre her sim card was upgrade to that of 4G from 3G. I had been hearing about the move from 3G to 4G network service but I thought it had to do with the phone one is using, so for that reason I dumped my old phone for stressing me out and went for a more complex phone or so I thought.

At the end of the day I didn’t notice much difference between my old phone and the new one except for the added features on the new phone. I really felt like a dummy when the switch was done, SIM UPGRADE and not PHONE UPGRADE. Lol. Although you still needed to do a phone upgrade is your phone doesn't meet the requirements of a 4G phone.

So I went to the closest service centre to my location to carry out the sim swap. The crowd at their office scared me, I was wondering if I was going to spend the whole day at the place. I must commend their customer service personal, they were very quick and a lot of people came out smiling while we still had the very few that came out looking very unhappy, I guess their problems had no immediate solution. Lol.

I now have to use it for some time to see if the sim upgrade has a better internet service than it was before or if it was just a company PR stuff to make us feel better. Lol. I am watching them.

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I hope the sim card upgrade improves your internet service on the phone.

I hope so too, browsing is a bit faster now but we have to wait and see what happens when it rains.

I don't use my phone to browse often, I have yet to master the keyboard on the phone. I prefer the full-size keyboard and larger screens that my laptop and desktop offer.

I use my phone wifi to connect to my lappy for internet connection.

I use my lappy more but most times I am stuck in traffic or just resting on my bed so using partiko for Steem stuff or reading regular news works for me.

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