Announcing the winner of the 1 Share of SBI - #44

in palnet •  last year 

Lost track of this one!! OOPS!

Original Post

44 had 12 entries

  • 14.22 summertooth
  • 14.34 bitandi
  • 14.45 saun
  • 14.45 hilol112
  • 14.5 maxbox
  • 14.59 methus
  • 14.77 eoo
  • 14.79 syalla
  • 14.8 dfinney
  • 14.82 plaid
  • 14.88 kerrislravenhill
  • 14.9 ronaldoavelino for the winner!!!


Contrats @eoo and @syalla!!! who were both only $0.01 away!


Transfer -


Bonus Share @SSG-Community - Long live SSG!

Stack on!! ~Senstless~


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Congrats to the winner. I missed this. I see that many use the tag ssglife more than steemsilvergold. I probably missed the memo while I was away for 26 days. Is there a new guideline now when to use steemsilvergold tag and when not to use it?

#steemsilvergold is for silver, gold, precious metals and community related posts. #ssglife is for SSG members posts not related to precious metals