Quick Post - Need STEEM, 40% silver for sale at SPOT

in palnet •  last year 

I want more STEEM

I got $45 face value left of 40% Silver, that is 90 coins. I am willing to sell them for STEEM at SPOT.

Picture has $55, but 10 is already sold.


Pricing Silver $2.39 each coin.


Pricing STEEM $0.24


Ratio 19.9 STEEM/ $1 FV

Price good until there is a 5% or greater swing. Times are crazy in crypto!

Shipping, we split

$3 (12 STEEM) for US priority.

Minimum order?

Would like to ship at least 5 FV


I want STEEM, and dislike all the work it is to get STEEM someday. I hate the fees a certain fiat to crypto company takes, and my banks foreign transaction fees. IF there are no takers I will just have to but btc to buy STEEM. Can't wait until I can just buy STEEM direct!

Don't worry #SSG, I am still buying silver, but 40% isn't my favorite!


Willing to entertain, focused on STEEM, but will listen.

Stack on!! ~Senstless~


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How much do you pay in fee to get steem? I Always use blocktrades and that feels ok .

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It's having to buy btc first, then trade. The fiat instant fiat to crypto is frustrating, both CB fees and bank fees. although I am going to try bcash app to see how it works.

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Bcash- never heard of it. Try it out and see

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sorry typo. Cash App is the name

Well. I use free bank transfer . Then buy btc and Send blocktrades to steem.

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Those are scarce, like all US Constitutional silver, since they are no longer minted.

I know, but not really scarce yet. They just seem to change hands a lot!

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