My Project.hope Top 3 Post Review.

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Hello everyone, hello Project hope members. I hope you are enjoying your day.Please remember that health is wealth and stay safe.

Today i will be writing my project hope top 3 post review and this is the 25th edition.

Let's get it going.


My top 3 Project hope post

The major purpose of this post is to write a review on the top three posts i find valuable on the community, I saw a few reviews and mine might be different since we all have different interests. All this said, let me give my top 3 post on project hope:

1 Knowing Your Abilities And Inabilities

The truth is, you are not invincible, you are not omnipotent, you are not without finiteness and limitations. The knowledge of this will help you to channel your energy (both physical energy and mental energy) rightly. Life will have more meaning when you know about your abilities and inabilities because it will make you to keep focus.


We live in a world of unnecessary competition where everyone is constantly trying to be like another person, focusing on your strength will help you even act more better.

Written by @samminator.

2 Paying Yourself as a Business Owner.


The intention behind doing a business is one of the major factors to consider if the business will experience any type of growth whatsoever, a business person who is trying to build a brand will definitely re-invest into the business but a person doing business for the sake of survival or to get busy will always try to take out of the business all the time.

It is wrong to always take money from business, money made from a new business needs to be re-invested all the time and not deducted.

Written by @oluwatobiloba.

3 Is average and mediocre good enough for me?


I really want to grow and reach for more. And do you know what... reading a book like the one I am is really helping me. It makes me feel inconvenient, but that is a part of growing.

Every day of our lives should desire growth and improvement, it is wrong for us to stay glued to a point and feel comfortable about it when we can actually improve ourselves constantly.

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Written by @unbiasedwriter

This is my weekly post and I will be doing this on a weekly basis. You can take your time to check out the @project.hope community and delegate to the community.

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I'm honoured to be among your top three featured posts in the community for the week.
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