If you don't know what/how to vote for Witnesses, vote for my proxy. Video Instructions Inside.

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Actually you can just click this link.


I created a witness proxy @theusersparty a long time ago to vote on witnesses that supported improving the user experience on Steem. At this point in time we're at a bit of an all hands on deck moment and I've set my proxy to vote for all the top 20 witnesses. So if you're not voting for witnesses or don't know how, please just follow the vote of my proxy.

It doesn't cost anything, or have any effect on your money or anything like that. On Steem, your Steem Power also holds power when it comes to Steem governance. It just has you vote for who I'm voting for, which are the top 20 witnesses.

It's small now at around 50k Steem, but every little bit helps. See instructions on how to follow below.

If we can thwart this threat, it would not only be a HUGE victory for Steem, but a HUGE victory for DPOS and Cryptocurrency as a whole. It doesn't matter if you only have 15SP or 150SP or 1500SP etc. It's like crowdfunding, it adds up fast. Let's work together and get this DONE!

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Just voted for witnesses for the first time ever. 👍🦄⚡

I tried but I think I already made you my proxy.

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