Best Self-help channels on YouTube

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I prefer learning over Internet, as there is no one pressuring you, no one watching and most importantly you can learn at your own pace.

Here are some great self-help channels I have found, thanks to comments which led me to these channels and to YouTube algorithm.

1) Academy of ideas: Go to the channel

Precise content, beautiful images, content inspired by great thinkers from past.

Greatest channel I have discovered on YouTube so far.

2) Einzelgänger: Go to the channel

Einzelgänger which means loner in English. It focuses on various philosophies to make you live better.

3) Wiara: Go to the channel

Focuses on Alan watts talks.

Alan watts lecture + beautiful image with kinetic text = Wiara

Honorable mention:

4) Red pill psychology: Go to the channel

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Leo from ;]

Thanks, will check him out :)

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