Long Lost Silver Purchase - I had some old photos on my phone

in silver •  last year 

Hello SSG -

You might remember me, @senstless the guy who used to post about silver, but lately is only SBI and Splinterlands! I am still a stacker, and bought these on my last trip to my in laws. I know I need new photos, these were taken too close to dusk and lack the proper light but Silver it is!!

I plan to post about these individual after some better glamour shots and more research to see what I can find out about the rounds.

For now, lets just go with some silver viewing pleasure.


I hope to catch up soon, work is crushing me

I am behind at home, I am behind at work, and I am behind on awarding SBI winners.

Hope you all like the silver, and a sweet looking dime ( calling @dfinney)...

Stack on!! ~Senstless~


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I have a Ten Dollar U.S. Gold Coin with the same Date and Mint Mark... 1914-D

September 26, 2019... 1.4 Hollywood Time...

Hmm, I think I like yours more!!

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I bought it from a person in Portugal, who was selling a very nice Collection of Rare U.S. Coins... I hit the Jackpot... I even bought a 1926-S Penny from the same person for $50.00...lol...
September 26, 2019... 13.7 Hollywood Time...

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Finally a silver post.... You feeling ok🤣🤣🤣

I know - but I am getting a CK vote for the rest of the month. They have a ton of SPT, GG, Battle etc staked. I wanted to maximize the posts and keep the gaming related to get all those tribe tokens! So look foward to more giveaway posts and splinterlands until October!

A beautiful show of silver! Stack on, @senstless!

Thanks 888. I hope to dive back into it here this fall. It's been a while.simce I hit up a LCS

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What is happening in these photos? Are the dimes waking on water Jesus style? Is it a ripples glass table?

I have been buried at work too. Work is totally for chumps.

Well, you know I can walk on water... give me a few months.

They are glass table effects, I should work on it am make it more trippy.

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