A Random Investing Sidetrack: Whatever Happened to Snax.One?

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Some months back there was a lot of "noise" surrounding a social blockchain product called "SNAX" or "Snax.One."

It was basically a small add-on you linked to your Steemit account, and it was (I believe) intended to expand to where other social media channels would be added. As far as I know, only twitter has been integrated, so far.

There was even a fairly active @snaxteam account here in Steemlandia, as well as (as far as I remember) several people answering user questions; one @sweetsnax comes to mind.


Seemed to be Working...

Seemed like everything was working pretty well.

I watched Snax tokens automatically build up in my Snax wallet, amounts depending on my Steem activity. There would be a rewards payout every couple of days.

Snax even managed to get their token listed on Steem-Engine, answering many people's concerns about what is this token GOOD for?

Then the rewards just stopped, on August 27th.

There was one announcement on the Snax twitter, suggesting that the stoppage was due to the Steem Hardfork 21/22... which is a reasonable enough excuse, given what we know about the disruptiveness of Steem hardforks...


Hardfork Issues — Or End-Of-Game?

But there has been no new news since then, and the Snax Discord is pretty quiet to "asleep." It has been 10+ days without a word...

I suppose I am just posting this here to see if anyone else knows what's going on with this particular project.

I'm not terribly concerned, as I didn't have a financial OR time "investment" in the project; mostly I am just curious. It seemed like it could have worked as a boost to social media, since Snax rewards were based on your level of activity.

But who knows? And yes, I realize that blockchain projects are extremely volatile and risky...

(Tagging this to #SteemLeo since it DOES relate to investing, at least peripherally...)

What do YOU know about Snax? Do you HAVE a Snax account? Were you getting significant rewards from it? Comments, feedback and other interaction is invited and welcomed! Because — after all — SOCIAL content is about interacting, right? Leave a comment-- share your experiences-- be part of the conversation!

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Yes, I also would have liked for Snax to keep being functional and find a use case for their token, since content creators were basically earning an extra token for pretty much no extra effort or investment.

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I don't know how to explain...I have some Snax in my wallet and I still believe that this project can be something in the future (who knows...) That question: "For what serve Snax?" is always in my mind, I confess.

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Thanks for the post @denmarkguy I upvoted and resteemed and yeah i wonder about snax too its liek halfway there as a project

They need reason to purchase , a SINK to go with their social media use case

For now its as useless as @pockettoken by @biphill but that token could have plenty of uses if one was chosen

snax just needs a program to BURn snax for an upvote by a SNAX steem posting account, they have one for their steem engine gateway that lets us buy and sell snax i think or whatever its on but you can buy and sell that snax you earn to steem but i mean why do people buy it? It needs a Reason and it COULD have one if the snax people sat down with steemians and picked a use case LOL

We can use it for social media tracking use it to sell @dclick type ads i mean theres SO much shit you can do , everyone who volunteers to be a SNAXer can like have their posts auto post ads from time to time in exchange for snax and they can USE SNAX to PAy for teh ads....


Hi, @denmarkguy . We look forward to reindexing the node to resume SNAX payments. We are doing this already 3 times due to the API plugin crashes.
Therefore, we did not announce the exact dates. Today, progress is about 60% and we hope that we can resume payments in the coming days.