Why You Should Avoid Crypto Influencers & How To Review Them Critically

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Hey Jessinvestors

The road to getting rekt and losing all your money in crypto is paved by crappy information, as I mentioned earlier this week if you don't DYOR you're asking for trouble. In a world of lazy people and instant gratification even in the crypto space, we've seen the promise of riches bring with it an unsavoury bunch masquerading as those who believe in the tech or the rhetoric behind privacy, ownership and being a sovereign individual.

These are all ideas we would like the crypto space to be about but truthfully most of it is just the same with the name blockchain on it. While I could rant on about how projects lie to us and pander to individuals in this new gold rush or dot com bubble, I'll leave that one for another time.

Finding your entry point

Getting into the crypto isn't easy there is no central body where you can go to to learn these things and even if you did, by the time you got your blockchain degree anything you learned would be useless by now as the industry changes at a rapid rate.

This disconnect is how it should be; the gap needs to be crossed on the individual and finding your path; this is how you discover your ideals and which projects speak to what you believe. Sadly the masses are a lazy bunch, and they want things crewed up, digested and then regurgitated into their mouths like a baby bird.

This need has seen the rise of so-called crypto influencers.


Why I think crypto can't have influencers

Influencers were made for the lowest common denominator content; anyone can get fit, eat right, travel decorate their home with the right amount of time and money available to them. It's not precisely brain-busting content, it's a rinse and repeats the message, and that's were influencers thrive, offering up the same messaging with brands backing them.

In the crypto space, this is known as shilling, and it got fuckall to do with being an influencer or authority in the space. Do you see any YouTubers popping up as AI influencers that have on background in the space? No, so why does crypto get a pass?

It's an absolute joke; most crypto influencers were born in 2017 where you could call any altcoin at the time, and it would make money, that's what a bull run does.

So they leveraged that fame, and while same gave up in the bear market, others kept going.

Rinse and repeat

Most influencers in the crypto space don't offer any sort of value or original content all they do is shill products, read the news from Cointelegraph or interview people in certain blockchain projects with a hint of commentary.

To call this content creation is to call a kindergarten class of finger painter, real artists.

I wish these hype-men and women of crypto would be more honest, like hey my name is crypto-assface and I read the news so you don't have to and will talk about it.

Do you know who also talks about any sort of popular crypto news? Everyone, we just use discord or IMs and don't think we're special because we read the news in front of a camera and waste bandwidth.

If you are an influencer or do follow influencers ask yourself the following


Do they have any experience in blockchain, do they work for companies in the space? Have they built a company in the space? have they been here since before 2017? Do they know anything about crypto besides prices go up?

What actual background knowledge do they provide? How do they distil information for their audience? Do they actively invest with their own money? Do they show you their trades and can you follow it?

I think experience is the most important when it comes to acting in as a voice space.


Do they have coding ability? Research ability? Marketing ability? If not what value can they bring? to the space from a point of viewing projects through the eyes of some sort of expert?

Affliations & biases

Do they actively advocate against sponsorships so they can remain unbias? Do they openly state when videos are paid and sponsored? Do they actively critique the products that they are sponsored by?

If not they probably don't have much in terms of integrity and would happily throw you under the bus to get paid by the next Bitconnect Ponzi.

Critical Analysis

Do they actively lay into bullshit going on in the space? Do they call out bad actors? Do they distance themselves from projects? Do they maintain consistency when it comes t the values they portray? Are they open to criticism? Do they answer or block comments?

If not then what value do they bring if they willing to blow with where the wind takes them?


As you can tell I am not a fun of influencers and I think they have the right to exist if they were more honest about what they are trying to achieve and their intentions but sadly it's not the case if they were, the low-quality audience they have would bolt.

Don't be fooled by the vanity metrics and online clout it will all end in tears for followers who take their advice. If you want to support them, sign up via their referral links or make their trades, by all means, you clearly don't value your money and should lose it.

Influencers in crypto have to either step up their game or be honest because as of now, and what I've seen, I am not impressed. I have news for you; you're not an influencer or a thought leader, you're a mass media mouthpiece at best.

Have your say

What do you good people of HIVE think? Do you follow any crypto influencers?

So have at it my Jessies! If you don't have something to comment, comment "I am a Jessie."

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Oh please, next think you know, you'll be telling me not to go to tarot readers for investment advice.


Seriously, maybe they should not be considered crypto influencers and could instead be treated like crypto information pushers.

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LOL well if its the stock market right now, that Tarot reader would likely make you a lot of money. I agree, there should be a distinction

  • Influencer - Has a network they leverage, gaslights and is basically a cheerleader
  • Curator - Curates content and provides value and insight
  • Thought leader - Has technical knowledge

Haha this is strangely on point given the recent drama.

What drama? 😄

You know.

No really I don't, no joke. I don't check hive that often and I don't follow any crypto influencers 😐

I think it's starting to get out of hand as we see a few alt coins pumping so I thought I'd jump in. If influencers were more honest, i'd respect their scammy ways but those who want to play both sides, i have to call them out

you are very right, doing your own research is a must in cryptocurrencies, you can't blame others if you lose a trade or money in investing. But in crypto most people don't do DYOR, they are just looking to get signals or ideas for trading and investing, which is not good

Exactly that’s why you see few people playing in it now because the majority were in it for quick gains put your money in any coin boom and then cash out they would rather lose money then actually research and accumulate positions based on their research and take responsibility

Like with Bitconnect while I feel sorry for the people who lost money they didn’t bother to look further than what people were dying on YOuTube and you can only blame yourself for that

In some ways them may help give the crypto industry an entising outward facing image which can get people interested but I agree completely, don't follow anyone, except yourself.

Oh yes they are able to provide an onramp and bring a range of people from other interests into the space and I don't discount that but to think we need to give them a pass because of it, I don't think so. They're not going to be the reason crypto goes mainstream, anything but, they're just a product of opportunity

All I do is share my learnings and learn from others and try to pick out other points of view, lol don't think I could be a shill or influencer, I'm pretty open to what I do and the risks in the space

These are the words of a true influencer. Get yourself a nice cleavage and I'll follow your trades😉

LOL dammit, if only I were able to rely on my looks, I wouldn't have to work so hard

I cringe everytime I hear the word "influencer" lol.
We probably don't need them, but they can't be avoided. I think most of them are hypocrites.

Being in marketing and actually having a job where I am paid to drive qualified traffic that converts and create reports and actively have to try and reduce the cost of every click I feel influencer marketing can’t be put in the same category as performance marketing that I do!

It’s fluff branding and it has its place but the over importance in this industry is ridiculous

I don’t go bragging around at literally the millions of visits I send brands every year I just do my job lol

Magic money go brrrr, influencers go skrrrr

Those who can’t do, teach or shill

Often they don't even try themselves what they talking about.

Lol for sure or they using some dummy account from the project they are shilling!