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Tactical PowerDown: Initiated

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My predictions are bad :D
Just got to get a few right and hype them up.
Gambler meta.

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You're being to modest. Part of what drew me to you was the frequency you called things correctly. Being as ignorant as I am on crypto, that's about the only barometer I can use to separate the bullshit artists from the ones who know what their talking about. The bullshit ones were my first experience when I entered as they kept talking about the price rise of Bitcoin like it was never coming down on that last bull run. Thankfully the skepticism is strong in me and I didn't jump in right away, although I entered Steem when it was still selling in the 4.00 range and bought in at a couple bucks each (ouch). But at least I can still use it daily which entertains me while I wait for potential upside.