Got to play your daily quest to get paid. Making some serious return on Splinterlands daily rewards and ORB's - + 125 SP

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If you don't play your daily, you can miss out on Golden Rewards!

Screenshot 20190713 at 6.57.15 AM  Edited.png
Screenshot 20190713 at 6.57.29 AM  Edited.png

There I will let that speak for its self. Two Gold Foil cards ( one RARE!) , Two Epics, 3 more Rare plus some common fodder. This is why you have to play your daily quests, and why I think the time investment is worth it. This is on top of the DEC earnings. I think that was around 1k this morning. At todays rate that is worth about $0.91 on top. Pretty good, and I will play again later today.

But how much value? $5.814 USD

Lets set these rules - assuming I can sell the cards for the lowest listed BCX and convert them to USD without any loss to Fees then the following cart holds true. While this is not possible, I do feel it is possible to sell these cards at these prices for STEEM/SBD, my preferred holding at this point.


If you add 2k in DEC earnings today, I will be pushing $7.5 in earnings today. Now while STEEM is getting crushed, I am still buying in all the way until this ship is settle on the bottom of the ocean.

Selling Reward cards.

I sell common reward cards right now - That's about it. I may regret it one day when I max out my summoners and I need hundreds and hundreds to move from level 8 to level 10, but that day is too far away, and there are other Beta cards I need. Not to mention Beta packs are running low and I need upgrades in a BAD way. I am hoarding all Rare and above reward cards - Not sure why, but it feels right at this point.

I have 1 level 4 Brownie, and another 16 BCX behind waiting in the wings. That is a ton of value, but I am holding for now. Not enough to make a max level card, and if I get 1 max. I will work on a 2nd to rent out.

More Orbs

I am working on a post for next week about my expected/experienced return from Buying Orbs and looking at the potential ROI. But for now I just have a few more to share.

Orb # 7

Screenshot 20190708 at 5.14.50 AM  Edited.png

Wow - Gold and Rare Dwarven Wizard.
Off the top that is

  • Dwarven Wizard $2.95
  • Gold Foil Enchanted Defender $2
    $5 is pretty good for 2500 DEC!

Orb # 8


Back to earth - It had to happen at some point. I would guess the total value at about $0.65 - A little over 2 STEEM. Not a great pack at all, oh well. Got a little cocky after such a great Daily reward, thought maybe I was on a hot streak. Guess I used it all up and was better to wait until tomorrow!. Oh well.

Another Power up!

I sold another 10k in DEC to keep with my 50/50 Orb to Power Up plan.

I might be a bit behind on Orbs, but thats Ok. I have done well to grow my account 125 SP in 1 Month. yes that is right, I have added 125 SP since June 10th via DEC sales. If you are thinking about playing Splinterlands, take a look at the real value you can create for your account. Grow your DEC and your SP! Because of the Powerup today I have crossed the 4k threshold much sooner than I had thought was possible at the start of the year.

While I have wondered what I might have gotten from buying 22 more ORBs, (trust me its tempting to go all orbs) I know I would never sell a high card unless it was for hundreds and hundreds of dollars. I would just keep it, use it and hoard it. As you can see, anything over 25 SP right now from the conversion is tracked with all card sales, and offset buy buying new cards. I am trying to keep my SM investment neutral right now, but also keep growing. It's a hard thing to balance.

It doesn't matter what you do - but right now it has never been easier to grow you STEEM power by blogging, voting and playing dapp games on the STEEM all for little to no cost! Get on it and get growing!

Stack on!! ~Senstless~


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Congrats on your pickups!

Love reading these buddy. Great work and luck on that DQ. I've just leveled up my Brownie to lvl4, it's a beast with +1 speed and +1 melee combined with Daria Dragonscale (+1 melee).

Brownie is a beast. I got enough for another level 4 if I combine all my spares. Not sure I want to do that just yet, but considering doing it and leasing it or something.

I know, but selling a level 4 card later will be a big discount vs single cards. Thats why i havent combones them yet.

I have a level 4 i play with, and a pixie for another boost!

To clarify my hoard

Lvl 3 spirit of the forest..... You're just showing off now!