Season 24 Rewards and Full Season Earnings Recap

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TLDR: Season 24 Totals

  • Awarded 251 Cards worth $42.44 or 319 STEEM
  • DEC not tracked but guessing 8-10K worth ~$8-$10
  • 15,250 DEC earned ~ $15 or 117 STEEM

Season Recap


I managed to hit Champion 3 again. It was a great feeling and I didn't want to push my luck even thought I have done ok before and gotten halfway to Champ 2. Not worth the loss of points on the rest and no need to get too greedy. I think I play my deck pretty well to get there, I am playing level 6 summoners with 95% of the cards maxed to match.

Season Reward Card Showcase

I have not shown one of these for a while, but this one is worthwhile in my mind. Pretty good looking cards. If you are tired of these, feel free to scroll on down!

  • 2 Legendary Ruler of the Seas
  • GF EPIC Imp Bowman
  • GF Creep Ooze
  • GF Silvershield Archers
  • 8 Regular EPICs



That was a massive haul for 80 cards!!

Season 24 Summary of Rarity and Gold Foil cards Received.

We all know that season rewards can be hit or miss and while showing off hitting a home run, we should take a look at the entire season to get a better idea of the reward cards earned.


Pretty much spot on for the Legendary rates (.8%) and GF rates(2%) across the small sample size. If you are feeling unlucky, just keep grinding, the math should turn in your favor. When you get lucky, post about it and save it, that way you can remember that it does happen to you too. I did not run any potions on daily/season rewards.

Lets take a deeper look into the cards earned for Season 24 – Sorted in descending order of total value


Thoughts –

Gold Foil is always leading the way for value. The lowest ones are worth $.75 just for the DEC burn, and others like Creeping Ooze carry a premium since they give that 10% boost for DEC earning and are used in so many matches. While I typically hold every card I get, I may look to trade for more Ooze to see if I can get one up to level 8 before the printing ends. There are so many ways the market could go after Untamed are released, not sure I want to make any big moves. When you get a big hit like an Epic Gold Foil it has a massive impact on your returns. This is my 2nd Gold Foil Imp Bowman, currently hoping to trade it to someone who has a GF Daria for my all gold team. If you get one, don’t burn it, trade with me and burn the Imp!! Funny part is one of my herons accounts pulled a GF Daria, so close! The rest of the non gold Reward cards value while holding pretty steady really shines when you get some volume in the rare and epics. I was really lucky to pull 2 Ruler of the Seas, I seem to pull a lot of them and Divine Sorceress. I need some of the other EPICs, but that Divine just loves me!

  • New Reward Cards
    I pulled some of the new reward cards, and against my better judgement I am combining them and trying to get them up to a playable level. If I was a smarter man, I would sell off the new reward cards and buy them back later for less. Since all the top accounts will want maxed versions, they seem to carry a big premium right now, but prices are falling. Gold Furious chickens were like $22 last week and are down to $11 last I looked. Beetle Queen and Naga are both pretty highly prices when compared against all the other reward cards of similar rarity. I expect over time they prices will fall in line with the others, but given the volatility of STEEM, for now I will just keep what I earn and level them up.

$42.44 or 319 STEEM for 15 days of playing!!

So - yes I have a large investment into Splinterlands. I may try to set up a spreadsheet to value just my deck that I play with to see what to the current market cost of it is, and compare that to my returns. But $85 a month, or 600 Steem for playing a game I enjoy seems a great way to build up. All the cards I get are usually held, as a play on future price increases, and to create future Herons decks. Besides the value of my deck sky rocketing as BETA sold out , I am still creating a lot of value by playing. I know nothing is set in stone, but it sounds like they have a road map to create more attributes to the game that will give other avenues to create wealth, it really is exciting to see all the progress and a sneak peek into their thought process.

DEC Earned… Um let’s take a guess 8-10k?

I forgot to track, and I am seeing if anyone has a tool to help with this. Let’s start by saying there were 15 days in the season and I could have played a max of 25 matches in a day. I almost never play more than that, often less with how things work out. That gives me 375 matches I think I could have won. Looks at my stats, I am at best a 50/50 player ( crap I thought I was better than that) So lets assume I won 187 matches. Throughout the season I think I win about 75 DEC a win on average from gut feeling. That would be 14k DEC, and I highly doubt I won that much, most likely because I didn’t play that many matches. I think I am closer to the 8-10k range this season, although it could have been higher, I did but a few orbs and cards with DEC so it’s hard to gauge. That would be an additional value of $8-$10 at current prices.


Thanks to the great group on discord I was able to find someone how has a tool to pull all the DEC I earned last season. Not tagging you on purpose for fear the hoards may descend on you with requests, then again, maybe most are not as interested in tracking it like I get at times. My estimate above was off... way way off. It has never felt so good to be wrong!
I earned 15,250 DEC ... almost double my original estimate and more than I had if I won half of all all my games played! That is a nice $15 add for the two weeks. While not exactly passive income, its much better return than the other gaming I am doing.

I made sure to wipe out in my in game DEC to start the season to track Season 25 - hoping to see something similiar next season

Total of ~~ $57 for the prior season in earnings

That is actually significant if you think about it. If I sold all the cards and bought STEEM, that would be close to 440 STEEM a season, or 880 STEEM a month you could powerup. Pretty good way to grow your influence. Of course you can do what I do and hold/reinvest in areas of the game to try to keep building that number. Buy cards and rent them out, create Herons accounts for others to play, increase your own deck to climber higher and win more tournaments. You have a lot of choices, and I feel like all of them are good! It is scary to think I am running about $100 a month in game rewards, this has to be my best STEEM investment yet.

How did you do last season and what are you future plans?

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Very nice, I'm waiting to see the two or three on a Legendary card, that's super cool and rare to see.. Congratulations

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@tipu curate

I got to upper silver I league, missing gold for only few points. And also sold one level 4 card, bought one golden for almost same amount. Maybe this time I will get to golden league.

I sent leased you a level 3 Alaric and level 2 ruler of the seas. Hopes that helps your push to gold!

Oh, I was looking at my cards....what, I did not buy that....yet :) Sure I used them. Big thanx for leasing !! So how long will it last if I may know? This Ruler is helping me big time

I have little use for them at this time, let's say for sure through November. I doubt I will need the Alrics but will take a look at Untamed comes out.

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That's great. I will use and test both cards for sure through that period

As always you put me in awe of your numbers skills!! Having the dedication and ability you do makes for a great investment brother! I need to start putting my nose to the grindstone more. Thanks for sharing and I think you are smart with no big move cause I want to see how untamed goes. I need to invest a bit into the project as well.

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Congratulations on those awesome rewards, @senstless! Fantastic 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻🌺🤙

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