Supporting some projects I like with Steem-engine token Delegations of SPT, PAL, LEO, NEOXIAN, GG & SPORTTALK!

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Its time to support some projects.

I only stake on my primary account, and while I love earning all these alt tokens, but have done a horrible job managing the VP of these tokens, and they have largely gone unused.

I know I can follow curation trails, but my STEEM VP is managed pretty well, I just don't know how each alt token is doing. I do not plan on changing my current use of tags for the right topics, but want to support the projects I love and try to give something back. I am delegating my full stake in all of the following coins

Splinterlands - SPT @contestkings

8000 SPT
I delegated to @contestkings. I love this group, and I know they are taking their position of a whale token holder seriously watching for tag abuse and downvoting as needed. Keep up the amazing work and check out the Contestkings community. They are having a big draw today for all CK token holders.

LEO, PAL, & NEOXIAN @shoemanchu

746 PAL
661 LEO

I am delegating both of these to @shoemanchu - give him a follow. Great daily contests and part of @dosdudes. I have been following and winning contests for a long time. Got to support the projects you want to see stick around. With the price of STEEM down to .13, my upvote is not cutting it anylonger.

GG Tokens @givememonsters

1432 GG
I have delegated my GG tokens to @givememonsters. I want to help out @jonnyla08 who runs @givememonsters, @steemexplorers, helping out new accounts with upvotes, sbi giveaways and SM card giveaways!

Battle - I can't delegate?

I went to delegate these to @givememonsters, but I don't see the option in Steem-engine, Does anyone know if this is by design? It seems to be the only tribe token I can't delegate.

Sportstalk @ssg-community

5000 SportsTalk
Last but not least token has delegated to @ssg-community. I know a lot of our members are posting Actifit posts and this should help everyone get a bit more!

Take a look at your Steem-Engine - What are you holding?

If you are curating then good for you, but I end up with a lot of tokens I am not curating specifically for, and I know my stake power is being wasted. while I still really like these tribes, and vote on their posts, I think the power is better in the hands of those who will use it well. Together we can all grow, and grow the community.

I wish my balances were higher, these are not the biggest amounts, but if you get several people to delegate it can really help your communities grow. Just think about the impact of 20-30 accounts dropping delegations.

Stack on!! ~Senstless~


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Thank you, much appreciated. This is what Steem is all about. Doing stuff like this is what it's all about. The more people give the more the community flourishes. This type of blessings is what it is to give, thank you for your continuous support of @dosdudes @contestkings and myself @shoemanchu #OneLove

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You bet man, if we don't support eachother, there is no community. No community, no reason to stay!


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Very nice of you brother👍👊🏻🍺

Got to put them to use and see how we can all grow together!

for you

I didn't even know you could delegate tokens

Most of them worked except battle. It's the double arrow icon in steem-engine. Give it a shot if you are not curating a coin but want to hold on long term.