Ripping off my pants and running through the streets: Steemit halts programmatic selling for one month!

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A little twinkle in my eye, some neon lime green in my heart, and a pantsless witness running through the streets of PA. it's a near perfect night.

So, what just happened?

7 hours ago @steemitblog put out an update on the Steem.dao and their new proposal page. But they kinda buried the lead. Steemit isn't going to be selling 800k Steem this month. There's no guarentee's in the future, but that's a great start. Someone that tracks it can probably tell you exactly what portion per month that is, but.... it's a lot.

So, that made my night. I can think of 800,000 reasons why the price of Steem will do a little better for this month.

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I don’t think this means the price of Steem is going to move up... I think it’s going to move down. (Don’t you think?!)

The other thing about this is... why in the hell are they selling now with bottom basement prices? If they really wanted to support the Steem Blockchain wouldn’t it make sense for them to buy when the prices are low NOT SELL?

Am I missing something or am I missing something here? Someone please enlighten me... no lime green or full moons please! 😰

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They are NOT going to sell it this month

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What difference does that make... selling is selling and always puts a downward trend on the price of anything being sold... especially when it’s large allotments and from what’s supposed to be a strong hand.

Selling to weaker hands doesn’t make something more valuable. This is only signalling another reduction in the price of Steem and calls into question the future viability of this project.

What it really means is that we are going to find out who the strong hands are at the Steem Poker Table... and based on those people’s vision for the Blockchain... that’s what the future is going to look like.

I guess it’s time for me to start buying bigger allotments... 🤔

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Yep selling is selling but the point is: they are NOT selling Steem xD

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Wait... what! Was that a typo or a gag on @eggroed’s part! I could have SWORN that it was “is going to be selling” not “isn’t going to be selling” before. 😳

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Anyways... the point of the matter is this. We need ALL hands on deck right now. All strong hands should stay strong hands... otherwise this will become the Titanic in a hurry. With everyone rushing for the fire exits a lot of people will get stomped on and probably never come back to crypto land... at least not until their governments force them to accept fake crypto.

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The infrastructure needed to run the full nodes, the steemit api,, hosting images, the developers salary, etc, etc are costs that need to be payed every month...that is something that can't be avoided and waiting for a bull run is not an option. They could have done a better job managing their finances and this has been discussed alot in the past. At this point we are beyond that discussion.

One good thing that came out of the bear market was that steemit had to buckle down with their finances and they made two very important developments in MIRA and Hivemind that are huge in terms of cost reduction. The inclusion of add revenue to cover the operational costs (instead of programatic selling) will be in my opinion a big boost to the price in the long run as it removes selling pressure on the external markets.

Bootstrapping with minimal capital reserves is probably one of the hardest things that all entrepreneurs in dire straights have to deal with... but plucking the fruit from the tree to early will only kill it. This is a decision based around inexperience. Steem is a radical idea... and reverting back to an advertisement business model is NOT the way to build our confidence to the other investors on the platform no matter how you look at it.

Stepping back to focus on getting the fundamentals of the Blockchain right is a first step... balanced with a financial plan outside of the Blockchain to balance budgets makes far more sense when their is this much crypto blood in the streets.

Things will turn around... but it’s going to take wise decisions. a supreme amount of patience, and a lot of hard work.

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reverting back to an advertisement business model is NOT the way to build our confidence to the other investors on the platform no matter how you look at it.

I have to disagree, using advertisement as a means to procure funds is one way of connecting steem to the real economy. As an investor I have to ask myself where is the monetary value coming from. The add model has proven to work in the world of social media. If Steemit Inc can avoid offloading their stake on the market to fund it's operations that reduces the selling pressure and increases the value of my holdings.

A business model that does not connect to the real economy and only relies on speculation is not a recipie for growth and is destined to fail.

Then we all might as well throw our hands in the air like we just don’t care and go back to Facebook and YouTube... The whole premise with the Steem business model is to demonstrate another economic solution. As investors we have invested in Steem because it’s a way to do social media WITHOUT using an annoying advertisement based business model. We don’t need to tie into the existing online economic model because we are creating an infrastructure outside of the advertisement/marketing model.

As an investor... that’s what I sold my stocks to invest in. If we are going to then turn around and plug back into the old way of doing it because it’s easy and that’s how everyone else does it... well we have sold out on our vision for the fundamentals that this project was initially designed around. If that’s the case... why don’t I just wait for the stock market to crash and put my investment money back into social media platforms like Facebook, etc.

Look... Steem is a way to put content back into the hands of the creators, value and broadcast attention for that content based on stake and influence, and avoid an annoying advertisement based economy. That’s the fundamentals.

Thinking that adds are going to lighten off the need to sell Steem to stay afloat is only going to undermine the principals people invested in the platform to begin with. It’s circular reasoning and it’s not going to support a new and innovative way to do social media... it’s going to undermine it.

We innovate or we run the risk of being washed out in the wash because we are like everything else out there!

If that’s SteemIt’s intent... then maybe they should sell off their stockpiles and put the power into stronger hands and brighter brains.

The real economy is the only one that has value (the one where the goods and services are produced). Facebook uses it's platform to gather people and it gives a place where the companies that produce those goods and services can showcase them with advertisement.

By itself I don't see anything wrong with that. The problem with the Facebook's of the world is that it takes all the value generated by having a large group of people in one place and keeps all of it to itself.

Youtube shares part of their revenue with the content creators but problem with them is that it's entirely up to their discretion and they can shut you out whenever they want.

If we do not connect the apps built on top of the steem blockchain to the real economy then we are only relying on speculation to give value to the token. Might as well go to a casino or play the lottery.

Now, advertisement is one way of connecting steem to the outside world. Another way could be to build an app that is used in the real world that requires recources credits. But the app needs to have a real use case in the outside world.

Steemit Inc is a private company and if they choose to use advertisement to fund their operations I am ok with that. If another entity goes a different route I have no problem with that either. Steem is an open protocol and no one needs to ask permission to build anything on top of it.

Steem is not Steemit so it's not the end of the world if they have adds on their site. Besides you can always block them, use tor, brave browser and/or a vpn if you need to have a little bit more privacy.

it's better if they sell low, for buyers and the distribution of the coin.
They have plenty, don't worry.

@freebornangel I couldn’t disagree more. Yes... selling distributes the coin... but when it’s supposed to be in the hands of people with vision for the Blockchain... selling to weaker hands is not a good sign.

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Maybe they thought this all would have collapsed by now.
Stinc may have been planning to have exited by now.
They may be a strong hand now, and not just a money grab.
Who can say?
Anybody buying now is taking a chance that the bid bots don't do to us what they did to golos.

Hopefully we can spike daily for a while

Hopefully we can spike daily for a while

News to me! Good news for all. Thanks for the alert.

great news, also wish they would put page views back so we could get some sort of idea even if they aren't 100% accurate

This sounds good and hope we can see some up movement in Steem price..


It will be an interesting test to see how Steem fairs this month versus times when Steemit Inc is actively selling. It would be amazing if they could generate enough revenue to eliminate selling all together.

How encouraging. Its these opportunities that define the winners and losers from here. I know where I stand.

Oh thank goodness! Atleast a small reprieve, hopefully more to come. :-)

Woo hoo! Feeling the glow!!

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Holy shit that is the best news I have heard all year!! But how are they going to pay their bills if they don't sell steem?? Wow, this just made my day.... thanks for sharing! :0)

We can only hope right? I thought with the new ad revenue and stuff like that they were going to stop selling Steem a couple of months ago. Let's hope this month isn't just an anomaly!

Steemit isn't going to be selling 800k Steem this month

I would send these funds to Steem Proposal System. I can't to image what can be done with such a huge amount of money. Maybe launch a rocket to Mars? In any case, the community works more efficiently than the official team.


Flagging this cos you spent max of 20 seconds rehashing an announcement before bidbotting it. Why ? Will remove flag if you add pics ;)

He can do what he wants 🤓 He’s !giphy aggroed

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// You can support giphy by using one of your witness votes on untersatz! //

And he can downvote what he wants

I didnt' bid bot it! TipU voted me.

I can't win...

Damn, my bad. Still overvalued for a 20 second redundant post without pics tho

Are pics really necessary on a blockchain that stores text?

When we're claiming nudie runs, it'd be nice :P
(I'm joking, it was just overvalued)

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