Have We Seen the Lowest Steem Prices Yet?

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I'm curious what everyone else thinks about the current decline of the Steem price. Now, a while back I didn't really think we'd ever drop below 0.20 USD per Steem, but was proven wrong about that eventually. This really got me wondering how much further we can still drop.

I'm a little bit surprised that there seems to be so little trust in Steem from outside investors. We've finally started seeing more consistent communications from Steemit Inc and there are a fair number of DApps running on the Steem blockchain. Despite all of these seemingly positive aspects of Steem, we're continuing to drop on Coinmarketcap.

As you can see on these stats from Coinmarketcap, we're currently at the lowest point in one year, but we've still not reached the all-time low of 0.06 USD. It's a little bit disheartening to see that it is possible for Steem to drop even further down, but we're not there yet.

I have personally taken the opportunity to buy more Steem and power up another 3000 SP. I almost don't want to say that I think it will get better, because I'm afraid that I'll jinx it (not that I'm actually superstitious). Heck, it might be a bad investment, but I do want to keep increasing my stake. I'm kinda counting on the possibility that Steemit Inc might actually stop selling their stake one day, that might get us back up there. It's not that other altcoins are doing very well either... Well, better than Steem I suppose.

So again, what are your thoughts about all of this? Are you scared we're going towards zero? Are you powering up or down? Let me know in the comments below!

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I continue to power up, but it definitely isn't very encouraging to see the price continue to slide. There is a point were you have to wonder if you are just being delusional. I can't begin to fathom why the price is going so low when there is so much great development happening on the blockchain. You would think people might take notice of that...

Indeed, I'm starting to wonder if it's really because of bad marketing or what? I definitely start to wonder if I'm being delusional as well. I sometimes still see people saying that Steem will go to $100. I'll be happy if it goes back to $1 some day..

No doubt, forget the moon, I'd be happy with low Earth orbit or even cruising altitude! :)

In the world of crypto, nothing is impossible as the volatility of crypto can not be predictable. But I believe the steem tim will soon come

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Well, for me I will continue to power up and hope things get better on the long run. To me steemit is an investment and not a place to get rich quick though a lot of us have had enough patience.

Personally the major problem why steem is dwindling is as a result of bad policies. They should also consider hearing opinions of the masses and not that of witnesses alone.

I think prices could go lower. Not because of anything Steem is or isn’t doing but as overall faith in the economy and/or crypto falters. In a few years we’ll hopefully be through all that and hopefully, having stood the test of time, Steem will be hitting all time highs.

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I am not scared at all that we will go to zero, to me this is about in line with how most alts are doing, which is kinds of miserable all over.

But I am still a believer this will come back when the next als season opens again. Until then..the alts with actualy usability will survive and steem is surely one of those!

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I don't care about the price. Just keep powering up while STEEM is plentiful. Some day steemit.inc will stop selling and we will have a larger userbase from the different dapps. When those two things overlap the price will get a lot higher a lot faster.

120m on the markets might seem like a huge amount but if we have 1m users then it's not very much at all. Every STEEM will be precious at that stage and the people committed now will do very well from it.