SPS and vote penalty curves.

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Gotta lower that stuff.

It's been a few months since we ran off most of the little people with the bitch slap of penalizing small accounts in the curation math.


I get why that had to happen, it was needed to stop the spam accounts from growing so fast before @steemflagrewards could catch them and get them on a downvote trail.

If you are not following a sfr trail, or delegating to them, what is wrong with you?
We have to adult here, if we want this to succeed.
Abuse has to be flagged.

Delegate 100sp to @steemflagrewards!
Follow a downvoting trail on steemauto!

Now that we got some semblance of understanding of the new math, it is time to start discussing the next EIP, imo.


I think it is safe to cut the SPS to 5%, instead of ten, it's not like we are flooded with funding proposals.
Each day the SPS prints new sbd.
It goes into a fund that is growing very rapidly.

We currently have enough in the fund to fund it for many months, as long as we don't vote it all out to folks.

I would like to try setting the SPS to burn the sbd it gets and to purchase SBD on the internal market with the steem derived from the burn.

We can do that by funding the SBD potato, or we can hard code it.

This creates demand for sbd, and still funds the proposals.

Something needs to be done to bring the steem price up.

We could just stop voting rewards to folks that don't power any of it up.
Anybody that is powering down, and getting rewards, is putting down pressure on the price.
It is up to us to stop funding their reaping of the reward pool.
It is us that is making it possible.

I know some of us really need the money.
We should be generous with our dispensations, but once it is determined that someone is here just to cash out, off with their heads, iyam!

This is on us, we can let them scavenge the last satoshi of btc value from our pool, or we can stop voting rewards to broke people.


Now let's discuss the 20steem threshold on payouts.

If your post doesn't reach 20 steem in payout, it gets penalized in the math.
As much as 1/2 of the value that would have been voted to you, vanishes.
All hail, rich people!


I think 20 steem is too high.

Let's lower that to 10, eh?

We are conducting an ongoing experiment.
Let's change some parameters.

If we cut the SPS rake, and the penalty for not being popular, in half then we get back some of what was taken by the EIP.

We make the authors happier this time.
Seems like a no brainer, to me.

Maybe we won't run off any new users.
Getting the old users back is probably not going to happen.
The learning curve is too high, for most folks.
Our crowd is too tough for them.

That is not our problem.
More steem for us!

Anyway, I propose that we roll back the hits that the authors had to take for team.
It is time for the team to pay us back.


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There is a lot around here that doesn't make much sense. Including the fact that those allegedly driving this place forward — let's call them the "builders" — just keep changing the infrastructure here, without really looking much at the end users of the system.

It's a bit like having an office building you keep improving, renovating and expanding, without ever worrying about the tenants or whether you even have tenants...



Hey, our coders are brilliant and know everything, and know what they are doing, just ask one!

Everything is fine! 0.o

You have DRAMA!

To view or trade DRAMA go to steem-engine.com.

I've been dealing tenths of new users already but seems like they were created by a single person. same month and year. And they were like auto downvoting all of my posts without no valid reasons in common. Seems like they were dummy accounts. I'd like to neglect such issue but their population seems to grow every day. 😔😔

Yes, just one more thing on @steemflagrewards' plate.
There is no shortage of abuse, just one of abuse flaggers.

Mostly, those flags are annoyances, but they do grow.

Waiting to see how it all plays out. We need steem to be in more hands that will care enough to hold on to it and use it to vote for others

Yes,and to stop giving it to people that just want btc instead.

While I appreciate that you have done math and figgered out curves and such, in large part this discussion ignores the underlying problem that afflicts Steem: it's focus is on monetization, rather than social interaction and benefit.

That focus being on the right target will enable rigging the cart of economic growth to be drawn by the horse of social interaction, which is completely backwards presently. Your post considers how that cart might drag the horse better, and does so rationally, but that isn't actually a potential surmounting of the challenge Steem faces.

Anyway, you've heard all this before from me, so I won't drag it out again here.


Keep working, stop paying.

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