CONTROL Update: Second Issuance

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(Control Alt Delete Token - Full name)

CONTROL's official website, Just Crypto, is currently under development.
I am working hard to get it out as fast as I can!
Things are coming along well and it's starting to take shape.

If you are interested in helping out with the website, part of my idea is to have section of the site that will be a frontend for steem, that this token can be used for in the future. It is not vital, but I feel it would be a valuable asset to have as part of the site. Being able to use STEEM to earn and tip tokens is a goal of mine in the long run, so this would be an easy way to do it.


Staking will be enabled in the future, if there is enough demand for this token as it develops over time.

Second Issuance

The second issuance is underway!
I will be issuing and placing tokens on the market after this post is finished.

There will be CONTROL added at:


8,000 CONTROL will be burned instantly for this issuance.
You can see this by looking at the @null account's balance for CONTROL.
Check it out here!

That means there will be a total of 16,000 of the 644,000 supply burned after this issuance.

Additional investments

LEO and PAL coins are something I will be investing in as well.
They are great ways to earn extra with your stakes!
I will be voting for those who hold CONTROL with the power of these tokens as well.

Thank you for taking a minute to read about CONTROL!
Looking forward to a bright future!

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Cool deal, but something like this should not be on weedcash, as it should not be on Smoke as well.

Weedcash is the main investment I make, it's where I hold the most stake. It's also a part of the website, as it will be featured along with the other tribes. It is all relevant, as SMOKE will be featured on there as well. Thank you for your concern though. :) Shows you care. CONTROL will also allow you to receive votes from me on SMOKE as well, so that is yet another way they are linked. I wouldn't use a tag that wasn't relevant, as I've seen that it can cause issues.
I assure you, all of the tags used are relevant, because in addition to the future of the token and the website I'm developing, my votes with the stake I hold for each of those platforms is an added bonus. I wanted people to be able to see that they can take part in this and receive some benefit beyond just another frontend that has it's own token. My token is something I want to interact with a variety of other tokens/frontends, as well as have it's own features or bonuses if you will.

The website is where they're really all relevant. You can't build hype for a website if you don't even announce that it exists and is being developed. It's also good to tag things that are relevant to your website, like the crypto I will be featuring in various ways across the website.

Unless the communities for weedcash and SMOKE would rather not be included in this?
I mean, I will ultimately do as I wish, but hey, if enough people speak up against the idea that cannabis communities be featured on a Cryptocurrency website... then alright, I suppose. If those in the community don't even want it promoted, then I won't disturb that, I'll just leave it be and move on. Doesn't seem very progressive to sit by idly though when new opportunities present themselves.

Thanks for your clarification and detailed response. It for sure was nothing personal. Well I think I can speak for the community saying this project sounds very interesting. Looking foreword to it. Flagged removed, and up voted.