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The steemit blockchain which is a blockchain-based social media that people post articles, share experiences and do the same thing they do on other conventional social media platforms and yet get paid for doing so.

You just create very good content and share them on steemit and people upvote your post you earn money and those that also voted for you earn too which is called curation. After 7 days of content creation, both the Author and the Curator will receive their reward.

But steemit is just beyond what I just mentioned up there, It is an investment platform, it is a system to deliver residual and consistent cash inflow. Yes, so many people don't know about this, very few numbers of persons know about it and are taking advantage of it and already wealthy through this platform.


One major thing you need to know about this business is that to survive here and be making daily income, you must know and explore different strategies that are available to you. you need to be knowledgeable about how to and what to do in other to get the expected results.
Big thanks to my mentor @ketcom who has been a huge blessing to me. He has introduced me to this place since last year but I wasn't serious with it, I thought its not a business that can earn me fast money, but after a year he invited me and showed me how his investment had grown the daily income he earns. I was astonished and amazed by what I saw as he took his time to explain everything and the strategies which wowed me and I just have to jump into it this time and he has been helping me with all the familiarities and it has been a cool ride all this while.

The steemit blockchain platform is a sure way to generate a residual income and there are several means to make money here, through one Steem Power Delegations, Curations. investment, the steem-engine tokens that you can earn free tokens through their tags and you can delegate stake and hold these tokens especially my favorites @steemleo and @neoxian and you will earn more reward.
With all these and more you will definitely earn consistently and residual income that is able to make one very wealthy and with the increase in price and value of the tokens, steem, and cryptocurrencies, surely your assets will yield increase.

Don't be like me who took one year before taking the opportunity here on steemit, but I'm happy I'm here now but I would have loved it if I have started a year ago but its all good. So take this place serious, it might not be quick cash or get rich quick platform but you are sure of residual income that will yield a huge profit for you in the future.

My big thanks to my mentor, my boss @ketcom for his resilience support and encourage.

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Indeed, there are now tokens where you can earn residual income without the need to power up steem into SP. That should be an added incentive to those who were previously discouraged by the long powering down process.

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