Big Fish in a Little Pond - My Investment Strategy

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I have been a dolphin for quite some time on the Steemit platform. I can remember that when I crossed that threshold last year, I thought that it was a major accomplishment. I am over that now.


I got tired of waiting for Steem to show some significant movement up. In the meantime, new communities and tokens were forming that were based on Steem. Pal, Leo, Creativecoins, Jahm and many others. I started to power down some of my Steem so that I could take advantage of some of these tokens while they are very inexpensive and trying to grow their communities.

I post daily, and I typically write about whatever I am engaged in on that particular day. I am retired and I am actively involved in a lot of art and craft activities like pottery, knitting, crocheting, sewing, charcoal drawing, photography, and ceramics. I am also a frequent traveler and what I would describe as a home style chef. For those reasons, I used my SP to buy creativecoins so that I could relate to that community. I bought more PAL because I can use the palnet tag and write about all of my interests.


I also bought some Jahm tokens because I love Jamaica and I try to go there whenever I can afford it. I also love the Jamaican culture and reggae music. Finally, I bought some ENG because I believe that @aggroed has a vision that I like with Steemengine.

I did not buy more Steemleo, however, because I don't usually share investment strategies or advice. Instead, I staked the tokens that I was airdropped rather than sell them and I use those tokens to earn curation rewards from others that regularly write about cryptocurrencies and other investments.

Now, my actions may not seem like an investment strategy at all to you, but here is my rationale. I was getting depressed and bored with Steem. I had already invested my hard earned money and I felt like I was being patient. But here is the reality. I am a senior, unlike many of you millenials who have another 5 to 10 years to receive a return on your investment. I am living off of my investment income, even though I continue to invest smaller amounts in blockchain technology. I recently sold my Eth and Litecoin, but I am still holding my Bitcoin.

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It occurred to me, that I could get in on the ground floor with these Scot tribes and be a big fish in a little pond as opposed to being a Dolphin in Steem that was not growing very much. I will get my Dolphin status with Steem back in the next couple of months. But now, I own enough tokens in other communities, so that my upvotes and voice will be noticed and heard.

Good luck with your own investments. I do not advise you to do what I did. It is still a risk and a gamble and is based on my own personal situation. You have to decide what your risk factors are and act accordingly.

Have a wonderful day!


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You're in the same boat with a lot of Steemians. We just needed something new to do and I feel like Steem Engine has been good at relieving the boredom that was going around.

I've also invested a bit in the SE tokens. If these investments turn into a profit that would be great, but also it's just fun and entertaining, I' wouldn't break the bank on them. Hopefully we'll have new stuff to play with soon and the development will continue to bear fruit.

Your strategy is interesting.
I'm also using some token tribes with satisfaction, it seems to be a new opportunity to grow.

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Great post and thanks for investing in JAHM. Would be a pleasure to meet up on your next trip to Jamaica and do some Steeming ;)

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When you get here, the first rounds on me!

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Thank you! I'll remember to check out the link for discounts on rooms.

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In this new frontier of cryptocurrency, I think well thought out maneuvers will pay off. It's open game and little moves make a big difference. I'll be checking back with you to see how everything worked out. (^_^)

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I think I would do the same as you.

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