Steem is Depressing Me Right Now

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It is hard to stay upbeat with the price of Steem hovering around .20 freaking cents. How can people who have invested in this platform stay motivated to continue? I feel like a faithful wife who has been cheated on by her husband. I have posted everyday about various and sundry things in my life from travel, to food to my creative hobbies. What do I get in return? Pennies for my efforts. Arrrgh!!

I've even invested in other alt coins based on Steem. I started powering down my Steem account so that I could take advantage of the Scot tokens based on Steem since their prices were so low, but it is still just worth pennies.

I am tired of hearing about "great things coming". Really? I feel like I have the patience of Job but come on now. This is ridiculous.

This is my rant and I really don't care if you are the ultimate optimist right now. What is your track record on this platform. You can talk to me if you have invested as much time, money and effort as me. Otherwise, just let me vent for a minute.

I am depressed. 😕


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Well then how you going to feel when its .10? Its coming. Steem is a shit coin. Better get used to it.

Steem is also depressing me lately 😒

I spread the risk outside of Steem. The problem of this platform is too much selling pressure from DAPPS and Steemit.

@jluvs2fly, sorry to see you have less Steem Power.
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