The Stock Market and Crypto is Crashing

in steemleo •  5 months ago 

What in the world is going on?! The stock market is crashing, America is isolating itself from the rest of the world, and my crypto portfolio is disappearing.


Schools are shutting down nationwide, universities are sending children home, and national conferences and sporting events are being canceled all over the nation.

People are panicking and buying up all of the food on the shelves, all of the toilet paper and paper towels, and bottled water. I am quarantined at home for 13 more days before I can go out into the world because of my travel schedule.

I really want to sell my bitcoin so that I can retain some of my earnings, but I keep hoping that this downward slide is temporary.

My son told me to stop looking at the prices and to turn off my notifications. What are you doing in this current financial environment?

Stay safe and keep a cool head.


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Life is a bit crazy right now... I hope you and your loved ones remain healthy. Here in Germany a steep rise of infections is expected because so many people were skiing in Italy. In the big cities there has been this things like sold out toilet paper or pasta, but small town life is still different. Everything is available here.

Well, I think that long term STEEM might be more stable than classical cryptos like Bitcoin. Bitcoin has a worth because people believe in that worth - it has no use. The Steem Blockchain with all its dapps (and other Blockchain like that) is a place where you can use a crypto, not just have it.

I wondered how life was in smaller cities and in rural areas that don’t get a lot of international travelers. Only time will tell with the crypto market. I had to stop looking at the notifications coming in regarding price changes. There is a lot of buying and selling going on right now which is causing huge fluctuations in prices. Thanks for your input. I wish you good health during this season.