Dollar Coast Averaging on Steem-Engine - Month 1 Results

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It's been a month!!!

4 weeks ago today, I made a challenge to myself...I was going to 'dollar cost average' into certain projects I was a fan of on!

The goal is simple...Increase my stake in coins that I'm a fan of, while keep things super simple in the process. No crazy trading, just spending roughly the same amount of Steem, weekly!

In case you missed the original post, it's right here to see why I chose what I chose....When it came to projects on Steem-Engine ;)

So every week, I stocked up!


Let's see where we ended up at...

1. LEO (SteemLeo) - I spent 39.75 Steem over the past 4 weeks buying LEO. Which got me 215 in total. Of course, I staked every last one of them because...You know...LEO rocks! Here's their account to learn more @steem.leo

2. Q (Qurator Token) - 37 Steem later, I have myself 10.5 new Q tokens. This isn't stakable but WOW, the daily pay outs for holding Q Tokens combined with my delegation is giving me some great returns! Learn more about Qurator here @qurator

3. SPI (Steem Power Investments) - I spent 41 Steem to grab 36 new SPI tokens. I'm a big fan of this project and while not stakable, these have 'long term returns' written all over them! Check them out @spinvest

4. AFITX (ActiFit X) - I dipped into my Steem bank and spent 39.85 Steem to grab 4 AFITX tokens. If you don't see the potential of this program, I'm not sure you will ever see the potential of Steem. No staking option here. Awesome stuff that you can follow along @actifit

5. JAHM (Reggae Steem) - Fantastic value for me. I spent 39.29 Steem to get 1470 JAHM tokens. This project is generating a lot of buzz lately, and for very good reasons. I staked everything I bought! Check them out @ReggaeSteem

6. DEC (Dark Energy Crystals) - I stocked up, spent some too..But used 38.62 Steem to grab 6400 DEC. Yeah, I think it's save to say...Splinterlands is a success. No staking options with this coin but plenty of use case. Have you tried your hand @Splinterlands ?

7. SPORTS (Sports Talk Social) - So yeah, football season is here. And I jumped on SPORTS a bunch this month. Spent 38.70 Steem for 28000 SPORTS and staked every single one of them! Learn more about SPORTS @sportstalksocial

What an awesome month it's been!

I didn't think too hard about my investing, I just kept it around the 70 Steem Per week budget I started with. And when you add it all up...

I spent 274.21 Steem over the month! Averaging 68.55 Steem per week in purchases.

And because of that, I've got a bunch more of these tokens that I think will have a huge impact on the Steem ecosystem moving forward.

For October...I'm doing the same thing. 70 Steem per week, into these 7 projects listed above :)

Oh yeah....Standard 'crypto disclaimer' follows...

Disclaimer: This is NOT financial advice because I've lost more money than I can count on crypto over the past 2 years. This is me just having fun with projects I really do appreciate on Steem-Engine! I'm arguably...The world's worst crypto investor!


The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

=> CTP Condenser -

=> CTP Token on Steem-Engine -

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I agree with your picks but you are missing a few. Good Game, Epic, CTP(grin) other than that I like your plan.

CTP for the win lol

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As I said the first time when you put that list, it's an interesting choice :) From your list of tokens, I'm only in SteemLEO... I have just staked a few hundreds more today and try to curate there...
Did I say that my first choice is CTP token? :) And I think that I said only 10 times that I'm in whale club there... :)

Anyways... I have to check that GG token that you and Eric are talking about.

LOL Yeah if I put CTP up there it would be a massive conflict of interest...But of course, CTP Token is awesome :) lol

Just grabbed a few hundred GG and staked it...Gonna test it out and see how it goes over the next few weeks.

I am doing something similar, but different. I am basically not staking or powering up for a week to see how much I am actually making on a weekly basis.

It also allows me to focus on producing more quality content in that time.

This is the article. I'll be updating it next week with the results. I've generated 12 Steem so far and a few US$ on Steem Engine just in residual token payouts.

Thank you for the delegation selections.

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that’s pretty cool. thanks for sharing.

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The thing about staking, and I am never suggesting to stop, is that you can't see the true value of your tokens unless youn unstake them or pretend to sell the amount in Steem Engine to get an estimate.

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yeah. i stopped staking pal. but there are a few in my little list that i’m going to keep staking for a bit. but you are right. eventually you need to see what this stuff can do.

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Wow. This is encouraging

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If you think you might be the world's worst crypto investor you might want to surround your self with people who have done better 👍

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I think you missed the anywho. thanks for the comment.

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Ah okay.

Just be careful then @jongolson.

I am with you on Steem but I am not currently investing in Steem-Engine tokens. I actually have no idea where any of the Steem-Engine tokens will go in terms of price but I think Steem is a much safer bet.

Having said that, the greater the risk the greater the potential rewards @jongolson. If you can, consider tracking your profits/loss like @starthere does since it will help people like me see if they are right or wrong.

Thank you for replying and I wish you the best with your investments 👍

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