Dollar Cost Averaging On Steem-Engine

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Let's throw this out there right now...

I've got about as much talent in investing as a 2 year old.

People throw all these fancy terms at me like margins, calls, puts and options and I look at them and give them blank stares...

I'm just not good when it comes to this stuff. So I try to get involved with the simplest form of investing on earth...

Dollar Cost Averaging.

The idea is so simple...Spend the same amount of fiat, every week or month...No matter what the price is.

It's how I've been building my Steem Power since I joined the blockchain. Sure I create (and now curate) but I'm still going to @Blocktrades and regularly dipping into fiat and bringing it over to Steem.

And it works...It's not sexy and it's nowhere near the excitement (or risk) that day trading provides...But it's pretty cool to watch your stake grow and grow. Without overthinking things...

Again, I like simple :)

And a few weeks ago I asked you guys...

What was your favorite token / tribe on Steem-Engine?

It got me thinking...

We should use that same model for our investments here on Steem too...

And thus began the idea...I'm going to start to 'Dollar (SteemP) Cost Average' into the projects I think have some big upside...

Here's the plan...

Every day I'm getting about 10-20 Steem from my content creation and curation efforts. On top of that, I regularly bring in around 100 Steem every week from my dollar cost averaging into Steem Power. I need to decide how much I want to transfer to Steem-Engine and use it for my investing in tribes and projects on S-E!

Some quick math...

Roughly 100 Steem / Week in curation and creation + 100 Steem from DCA = Around 200 Steem Per Week

I never want to spend more than I can afford to lose in both cases...So we need to decide what we can spend...

Around 70 Steem Per Week - Will be my target going forward to spend on projects I believe in on Steem-Engine!

Fantastic...Next we should decide what we are going to dip into?

1. @SteemLeo (LEO)

Without a doubt...It's one of my favorite tribes on Steem-Engine. First of all, I'm learning a ton by watching how they run things and SteemLeo really does cater to the 'beginner investor' I described above. It fits me perfectly! This is the perfect tribe to learn about investing without making you feel like a nuisance...I'm a big fan!

2. @SportsTalkSocial (SPORTS)

Being a huge sports fan, so this is a no brainer for me...And of all the tribes, I think this has the biggest mainstream potential. I can imagine a time when sports enthusiasts from around the world, congregate here on the blockchain...And the #SPORTSTALK token will be their currency of choice. That's exciting!

3. Steem Power Investments (SPI)

@SPInvest is relatively new on the scene but wow...What an opportunity. It's an investment club for people that want to benefit from the HUGE potential of the inflation found on Steem. A project that has some big goals and I love each and every one of them!

4. @ReggaeSteem (JAHM)

I love what these guys are trying to build. First off, awareness to the amazing culture that Jamaica has to offer but this is the big reason...Tourism! Imagine a crypto currency built and focused around giving people travel experiences...That's just one of the plans for ReggaeSteem. Plus it doesn't hurt that it's my favorite music genre lol

5. Dark Energy Crystals (DEC)

The in-game currency of @SteemMonsters and unless you have been living under a rock...You know anything @aggroed and @yabapmatt have touched over the past year and a half has been absolute GOLD. I'm betting on that team and I'm betting on the @Splinterlands community as well.

6. ActiFitX (AFITX)

The @ActiFit model and App are flat out awesome! This has huge potential to branch out and become a shining beacon to the masses that Steem is the place to be. Their app is awesome, team is superb and it's something that I feel has a big future ahead.

7. Qurator Token (Q)

One of the first projects I ever delegated to when I joined Steem was @Qurator and I think with this #NewSteem approach...Projects like Qurator become that much more important. Manual curation and a focus on quality content. To me, that's a no brainer :)

Wow, that's quite the list...

And I know there are dozens of tribes I may have left out....But right now, I want to focus on building my stake up in these.

I'm VERY bullish on everything taking place on Steem-Engine so I wanna put my eggs in as many 'awesome' baskets as I can!

7 projects and 70 Steem....

I'll be putting 10 Steem(P) into each project weekly going forward...

And I'll do a follow up each month to show you guys where I'm at!

Currently this is my portfolio for each project

SteemLeo - 3034 LEO
SportsTalk - 121362 SPORTS
Steem Power Investments - 250 SPI
ReggaeSteem - 14533 JAHM
Dark Energy - 4,123 DEC
ActiFitX - 8.5 AFITX
Qurator - 27 Q

I hope you enjoy the experiement...And let's see how well Steem(P) Cost Averaging works!

Note: Where's @ClickTrackProfit and the CTP Token? I thought it would be pretty silly to mention my own tribe. Because I think you guys know how much it means to me and how it's become my focus on the blockchain. I invest the time, energy and money into building my business...Which hopefully will spillover into the value and use case for the CTP token going forward. This experiment is meant to be for the tribes and tokens I have no direct involvement in :)


The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

=> CTP Condenser -

=> CTP Token on Steem-Engine -

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very cool idea giving simple beginning investment advice, for a strategy Ive seen work great in real world by many people...

and i love the idea of using Steem Engine as a practice space to teach trading and investing principles and lessons

it reminds me of the fake stock trading we would do in school, wed pick some stocks track them as if we owned a portfolio to see how much money we would make or loose in a certain amount of time...
Steem is perfect place to do a video training series about How to Trade

I plan on teaching high school students how to trade , im hoping we can use their own devices, laptops or phones, but if we have to i will devise a way to allow for shared computers to hold keys in a safe manner. i know there must be a simple way to use incognito mode and to have students bring their keys on paper but they can loose them so easily.

if i can get highschool students onto steem and make it so the teacher holds their owner keys and the students get posting keys and the parents get the active key perhaps in an envelope they are told to save and that it has keys to an account they can make money with... i think some kids wont get the letter to their parents so we will have the teacher hold a copy of the students keys,a nd whenever the student leaves they give the student a copy when they graduate, the school can still keep the owner for at least 1 year maybe more, students can opt in to allow the school to save their keys on a simple lastpass system with multi factor backups

That's a fascinating idea...Man, now that's something that would capture my attention if I was still in school. Great idea!

You just gave me an ideal probably I would visit the govt house with my team let's see where we can start from

Very glad i could inspire you. Its easier than most peopel think. All you need is a nice Power Point Presentation filled with COinmarketcap FCAS reports @blocktivity stats and some infographics like this one

Im still a newbie in all of this slowly learning and getting used to all this

Nothing wrong with that at all...Slow and steady. You'll get it :)

Weeee... I have been waiting around for a write up like this!!! Thanks for the tips, Jon! Just what I need -- a roadmap & guide. I'm still trying to figure out lots of things around here. LOL! ^_^

Glad to hear it :) Yeah we'll see how this goes...The Steem Engine marketplace is very volatile so I'm not expecting returns anytime soon...I'll just buy every week...No matter what :)

Interesting choice of tokens... Actually, I have also started to accumulate LEO tokens and put them on a stake... Also, I have started with curating SteemLEO posts...

I will take a "third" look ( I have already taken first 2 looks :) ) at SPI and try to fully understand it... :) Also, I didn't familiar with JAHM and Qurator token, so that will be my homework for today :)

Of course, CTP token is a top-priority and curation of good posts in our tribe!

Great post and keep us informed about great tokens.. ;)

thanks for the comments man. yeah i love leo. it’s pretty much going to teach me about investing all on its own lol

appreciate the support for CTP man. means a lot.

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~Smartsteem Curation Team

Thanks so much for the curation. Appreciate it very much!!

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That is actually a great idea I had not considered! I have been definitely doing it for some Steem at these prices but picking up some of these tokens with our earnings is an interesting concept. I have yet to buy (or sell) anything on Steem Engine buy seems promising to do so as some of the Tribes continue to gain traction with their communities!

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Oh man, I'm loving it...We have the opportunity to be at the first steps of these projects...And to me, it's worth the 10 steem a week I might put into each :)

Dollar Cost Averaging was a creation of the Mutual Fund Industry to provide a plan for the typical saver. It's hard to call them investors because they do not do the things you expect for an investor to, such as true research and analysis.

The individual day trader is always at a disadvantage to the bigger investor groups because of lack of nearly infinite resources and the ability to withstand huge swings, but will never admit it. Like the system gambler in Las Vegas they have faith in a system not necessarily supported by empirical evidence.

I consider myself a value investor. Looking for at least slightly undervalued assets and prepared to hold for the long term. The problem with all crypto currency is its value is in people's willingness to accept it for exchange for something else of value. The same can be said for paper fiat, and its digital credits within a banking system.

As the public becomes more accepting of crypto currency the holding risk will minimize.

What would be interesting to see is a crypto token that actually holds a basket of other tokens. In effect, such a token could be the equivalent of a market maker to the OTC stock market.

Is there a way to see who the largest holders are of various Steem-Engine tokens?

Absolutely....(and great points by the way)

You can check out any SCOT today (Steem Engine Tribe) by going here

Just replace the token ticker at the end of it :)

You are doing pretty good at CTP ;)

That is a great idea Jon, dollar cost average plus diversifying, unless the whole Steem ecosystem tanks it will very much succeed in my opinion, and the risk it tanking is in my personal opinion very low, stay awesome.

We're good...Because Steem has something other blockchains don't...Real daily users :)

Exactly the reason why it will keep on.👍😀

I hope i will reach that level where i will be hitting that level of steem per week

Slow and steady....And I'm not even an Orca here...I literally just kept building when everyone said to jump ship. And now because of the super cheap prices, have been continuing to grow. One step at a time. You'll get there :)

A great plan for your investing on steem-engine, I am working on some of those and a few others. Each to there own investments and what works for each person. Being on a fixed budget I curate the tribes and I am investing in and staking the tokens I get. This has been working as well as bringing in fiat as I can. Slow and steady has been working.

yeah i'm not entirely sure how I'm going to handle the staking. the ones that I can stake, I will for sure do so...But some of these projects are not stakable.

Thanks for including SPI in this post :)

Thanks for building SPI. It's a pretty exciting project :)

Thanks for investing, it's pretty exciting for me when i see SPI being mentioned in people's posts 😎

That is great. I mean that will really be great. Trying to diversify ones investment all around to some projects believed in

Thanks :) Yeah and it's all right here in front of us...Steem Engine tokens generally are very affordable, so anyone can get into this experiment and give it a try.

good choices!

Thank ya :)

"Margin" and "Call" are ok words in investment, but when they appear together "Margin Call", you may have a problem :)

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