How To See Who You Delegated Steem Engine Tokens To - Review

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Keeping track of your investment is very important unfortunately currently on the Steem-Engine UI there is currently no way to see who you delegated your tribe tokens to, at least I haven’t discovered that yet and believe me I have checked.

So one of our community members at @upvotebuilders that goes by the name @cwow2 delegated 3500 Sports token to the community so that members of the community and its’ members will be receiving Sports token curation when the community upvotes them. Unfortunately there was no way of us seeing it as it wasn’t showing in our wallet nor was the transaction showing on his wallet too.

Solution Finally

Thanks to @CADawg who developed a tool for viewing our tribe token delegation on Steem-Engine. Simply visit the website below:

The website has the following features:

Delegation Viewer

• View Percentage shares of Token Power

• Include your own power in the percentages

• Search on To, From and Symbol

• Charts showing token distribution

• Search The Table Easily

Undelegation Viewer

• View User, Amount, Symbol and Time Till Returned

• Search on Account and Symbol

• Search function on any field in table.

@CADawg has really done a great job for which he should be commended as he has made tracking our delegated investment possible.

Thanks for reading my post, like I always say, upvote it if you liked it I’ll truly appreciate that. Keep your comments coming and follow me if you have not already done that. Again, thanks a lot for your support to me always.




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Cool tool and will come in very handy. Thanks for sharing. U+R

Thanks a lot,
credit goes to @cadawg for developing it.
I am just spreading the word. Lol.

I know 😂 I'm spreading your post to spread the word. 👍😂😋


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I wish I could have upvoted you with my 1k RHB upvote, but the tag for realityhubs is realityhubs and not rhb =(

Reply to this and I think I can upvote you?

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Here's your vote man!

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Hi @dpd, @cadawg please can I know why @reality.curate downvoted my comment above?
I was asked to correct a tag, I corrected it and reported back, I got an upvote from @dpd only for @reality.curate to downvote it.

They look at everything that's voted and flag anything they don't like. =(

That sux.

All the best,
~ @cadawg

Upvoted the post instead, as @dpd!

Have a great day

Thanks a lot, much appreciated.

If you reply to @dpd's (my RHB account) comment, I'll make sure to upvote you! (To be safe, do it on

Thank you very much for promoting my tool.

Have a nice day,
~ @cadawg

I have made a replied to @dpd.

Your tool is great and I felt a lot of people needed to know about it.

Thanks for giving us such powerful tool.

Yay. This is perfect! Thanks @cadawg :D

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No problem :D

Have a great day,
~ @cadawg

You too @cadawg :D

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This is a huge improvement and a problem solved.

I’ll visit this site because I’ve been looking for a way to view Steem-engine delegations.

@ketcom, it's great to have your contibution or RealityHubs.

Great job by @CADawg, that is a really great tool with wonderful features.

I've always wanted to be able to view delegation information about different projects on the blockchain to no avail.

This is a versatile solution for that.

I like the interface for its simplicity and the fact that the list of delegations are paginated.

However I don't really understand much of what the feature Include To Own Stakedoes.

I guess I'll be checking that out subsequently.

We look forward to future contributions from you.

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RealityHubs Moderator

Include to's own stake will add To's own stake (e.g. delegation based bots) like so if you specify to and symbol:


OWN POWER = Own PAL power of the captain.palnet account.

Have a great day,
~ @cadawg

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