Invest In Offering Solutions And Not Creating Problems

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Ask people about how things are going and chances are that they will tell you a thousand and one things that are the problems with the way things are going right now. Ahhh! It is the government. Ahhh! It is elite in the society. Ahhh! It is my neighbor across the road. Ahhh! It is the alien that landed in my backyard yesterday. Lol, just kidding.

But seriously, what many people do not know is that investment and business thrives when you look beyond the problems and find solutions to those problems. A lot of people complain about stuff but the big money is in providing a solution to those problems.

HF21 is less than 2 weeks away, have you started looking at the possible problems members will be complaining about a possible solution to them? You don’t have to be a techy person to solve those problems, you can invest in people who have those skills and reap abundantly when your investment matures.

The problems I am looking at are not the simple stuff the management of the Steem blockchain can easily solve after the switch to HF21, the problems are things like getting new members onto the blockchain easily, enabling mass adaptation, boosting members post with upvote within the 1 minute voting range instead of the old 15 minute voting range, helping to identify good contents that are worth hitting the front page.

I see a lot of alliances these past months as more developers and different projects form collaborations to solve challenges members are facing. This is indeed great and I see a lot more of this happening after HF21 as members realize their limits and join forcing to bring forth better products.

You might not get the buying in you think you should get because you feel what you have is a probably the killer solution, but people sometimes don’t just accept what you say based on their own investment understanding, they may need more time to see how things are panning out before taking a decision, while you’ll have some who give you the support from the word go. Whichever the situation, if you believe in what you’re doing, do it to your very best and at the end, it should work out fine.

There are a few grumpy people on this blockchain, I can tell you that for sure so they keep complaining about everything, they can be a good source and inspiration for finding solutions. A lot of people using the Steem-Engine wallet couldn’t find a way of seeing who the delegated tokens to but @CADawg developed a tool for doing it. In effect, you might not be the originator of and inventor, but you can provide a solution to what people complain about the invention.

So don’t be discouraged, keep developing solutions and at the end of the day, you’ll surely have reasons to feel happy and be a fulfilled person.

Image Credit: I took the picture at Newcastle Upon Tyne City Center

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This is such great advice @ketcom, looking beyond the problems to find solutions, and I fully agree there is massive opportunity in doing so, and to be honest I think we all have a mix of both those ways of thinking, even though I do want to look at myself as being someone that looks for a solution more than complaining about problems, but I let someone else be the judge of that, and thank you very much for sharing that delegation tool, I did not know about it before, again thanks for your great advice, it's awesome.

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Thanks @ketcom, and thank you for creating awesome content.

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