Investing Time In Steemwhales To Earn CAPTCHA Token Which Can Be Converted To Steem | My Review

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This morning I visited my Steem-Engine wallet to see if there was any surprise as we have been seeing latterly. I did see one free token landing in my wallet and it was + 0.1 of CAPTCHA . It gave me a $0.00 balance which meant the 0.1 Captcha was valued less than $0.00. Yeepee! They’ve made my day. Lol.

Out of curiosity I investigated to learn more about the token and it turns out the issuer is @heimindanger and the website address is The description of the token states:

Earn +1 CAPTCHA on your account for each passed captcha on the website! Website earnings will be used to rebuy the CAPTCHA tokens and burn them!

Captcha Token2.jpg

Captcha are very common things we see on websites that have that extra layer of security on them. You’ve got to get pass them sometimes before gaining access to some websites. Since I wasn’t so busy at the time I saw the token I decided to visit the website and give it a go to see how it works and what type of returns one would get.

Captcha Token3.jpg

The first thing you need to do when you visit the website and want to earn some CAPTCHA tokens is to change the user to your own username on Steem. You can do that by clicking Change User.

Captcha Token4.jpg

Next thing you do is click on the I am human and solve the Captcha by selecting the images which contains at least one complete letter, number or punctuation and the click on the check button.

Captcha Token5.jpg

Once it confirms you’re a human, you can then click on the Claim 1 Captcha

Captcha Token6.jpg

Once the claim is done a new page appears for you to start again, you’ll see your new balance below. You can also see your balance when you visit your Steem-Engine wallet.

Captcha Token7.jpg

I noticed that when I had claimed 8 Captcha token it showed that the value was $0.01

Captcha Token8.jpg

and when I claimed 24 Captcha it showed the value had gone up to $0.02.

Captcha Token9.jpg

I decided to check how many Captcha would give me 1 Steem and it turned out that I needed about 253 Captcha token which showed me $0.25 on the Steem-Engine wallet balance gave me 1.0124 Steem as at the time of completing the experiment. Getting 253 Captcha took me about 2 hours of interrupted claiming time, yes interrupted because I wasn’t focused on it alone, it doesn’t really take time to finish one, probably less than 15 to 20 seconds, so if one was to focus only on doing it you’ll earn the 253 Captcha in less than 1 hour.

Captcha Token9b.jpg

In conclusion, I think it is great that one has an additional method of earning Steem, the way I look at it, there are people who spend over an hour to create a content which will end up earning less than 0.10 cents on payout day, this could be another easy way to Steem. If you have loads of free time on your hands and need something to while away your time and earn something while at it, Captcha token claim could also flow for you.

However, if you’re already a high earner or you’re a very busy person then this may not be your thing. I did it because I really wanted to be able to do a true review of the Captcha token.

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Thanks for the information I had a quick go on it yesterday an earned 37 capture tokens.

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You're very welcome my dear.

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