Investment Decision You Took And Now Wish You Could Turn Back the Hands of Time…

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Generally in life we take decisions day in day out and some of those decisions we took have turned out great even when we didn’t really put much effort into the thought process that made us to take that path, but there are some that have really been terrible not because they are bad but probably the timing wasn’t right or other people didn’t see it the way you saw it and for that it has really affected you in a negative way.

Investment decision is pretty much like normal everyday life decisions but because there is a financial involvement or commitment we tend to take a lot of time thinking about it, consult financial advisers, lawyers and in some cases consult oracles, soothsayers, fortune tellers and stuff like that.

Yes, investment decisions are not so easy to take sometimes, for some people taking the wrong decision has cost them their life savings, while for other it has lifted them out of poverty. There are people living with so much regrets in the life because of the decisions they took, it has even pushed some to go loco (crazy) or even causing them to take their own live.

There is this saying that the bigger the risk the higher the gain, but we know that in life nothing is 100% certain. When I was working in a stockbroking firm back in days, there were so many blue chip companies you recommended to client’s to buy into based on the financial document we read to judge whether they were a good buy or not, I remember opening the newspapers sometimes and getting the shocker I didn’t expect because a company was ducked manipulating their financial returns so that people will find them attractive to invest in.

Thank God for technology and forensic accounting most of what we are presented with now are fairly correct, but there is still a but, because people still find a way of playing the system. People in government or politicians in conjunction with companies management still have a way of altering things to work the way they want it.

I had bought the share (stock) of a bank worth about $830 back in the days, and everything looked good, but suddenly my investment turned to $0 when the MD of the bank was arrested for financial malpractice and money laundering issues, the bank stock price was first frozen at the exchange and then there came the banking consolidation reforms where commercial banks in the country were to increase their capital base from 2billion to 25billion. At the end of the process the total registered commercial banks in the country went from about over 90 down to just 25. Some successfully merged but some didn’t just make it or were taken over. For me that was a bad buy which I laugh at now and even tell some one the story if i wanted to tell them they ain't lost nothing yet. Lol.

I bought a landed property in an undeveloped area for about $2,500 and after 8 years some development started happening in the area. I had some issues getting funding for my business because unfortunately, at that time banking personal or marketers didn’t understand web related services and didn’t want to loan money to a business they didn’t understand. So I sold the landed property for about $6,000. That was really a good one and I was happy about the investment and how it helped me fund another business.

For me now, I take a critical look at an investment before investing in it, sometimes I let my gut feeling decide for me, while sometimes I go in gradually. Sometimes I allow it to go. In all, I try not to regret the decisions I took, because you can’t win all the time. So, even if my decision doesn’t go down well at the end, it doesn’t cause me depression and I don’t think it should.

Image Credit: I took the picture in front of NETTO Parking area in Newcastle a while back.

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That is good advice and it is comforting to know that even people who know what they are doing are vulnerable also, it isn't because I am uneducated. Just trusting. :)

I did get lucky in that I invested in Fidelity Magellan and Blue Chip long before they were popular as my dad told me to take a part of my salary that I could afford to blow away and put it in Mutual Funds.

I can never thank him enough. I left it in and kept investing and finally took it out for a 401. I love you, Peter Lynch. You made life so much easier with a great start.

I also got a big head about that and invested in their technology one and lost most of my 1,000 dollars I had put in.

Le sigh.

Thanks for the backstory on your investing.


Thanks a lot dear @dswigle,
I truly appreciate your comment, story and tip.
Your Dad really gave you the best advice any parent can give a child regarding investment.

Yes I have had some good and bad investing over the years.

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I think anyone who has every invested has the good the bad and the you know what. lol.

Yes indeed.

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