Dream big and set targets...you may be surprised!

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It's funny how addictive Steem can be. I remember my journey here from day 1 and I always have the same "evil" smile on my face. It's called satisfaction.

You join the platform as Mr.Nobody...and you are nothing more than a number...mine is 593.980 according to Steemd. That means that 593.979 accounts were verified before I grab that number.

15 delegated SP are given to you along with a name. "Red Fish."

And then you start grinding...and you feel kinda lost...lot's of why's...In some cases it takes way too long to figure out how things work around here...Even people who "live" here don't have all the answers...

But that was it. This was your fatal mistake. You were injected the very same thing like the rest of us did when we joined Steem and now you are trapped and addicted...And then everything starts to make sense. All the answers are right before your eyes.

And you want to grow. You need that slider after all. 500 SP away...You struggle...you want to prove that you deserve more. You need that next badge. You want to become a "Minnow" but the truth is you don't have to prove anything to anyone...just...be yourself...

Does that sound familiar?

I set a target at the beginning of that year. To reach "orca" status before the end of this year. Unrealistic huh? Well I set that target exactly because it isn't easy. By no means can someone earn like 40K Steem in a year just by blogging, no matter how good he/she is.

People say... you have to put your money where your mouth is. And it's true. You can't just do the talking...you have to also take action. Invest in what you think that can change you life. That's why you are here during this steem winter aren't you?

I might have mentioned this before, not sure really, but I like to buy Steem in small chunks. And that's because they add up fast and you feel continual growth. I'll probably repeat the same procedure tomorrow...and the day after tomorrow...Who knows, I might still have time...almost 5 months to turn into an "orca".

2019-09-10 22_34_41-mindtrap - @mindtrap _ SteemPeak.png
2019-09-10 22_35_22-mindtrap - @mindtrap _ SteemPeak.png
2019-09-10 22_35_40-mindtrap - @mindtrap _ SteemPeak.png

But there is a cost. You see when I decide to trade some of my crypto holdings into steem and bring it in the platform it's all good. But when I use FIAT money to make those purchases...I feel sick. Our banks make sure of that actually....You see for every transaction from my bank account they charge 2.5 Euros. What that mean is that if I decide to buy 20 Euro worth of Steem just like I did today...only 17.5 reach their destination...

2019-09-10 22_44_00-Decentralization - Wikipedia.png

Still wondering why projects like Steem are trying to cut the middle men... banks...governments...and all those who leech? That's their greatest fear...that they will be left behind...so don't expect a truce or anything of the sort any time soon...

I guess you've read about those 94.5K BTC's that were transferred into one single wallet last Friday, right? Well the amount, USD wise is literally insane. Yet those people trusted the blockchain and not the banks. I've read somewhere that the fees were approximately 700$. (someone correct me if I am wrong) That's 0.00007% of the amount. I guess the owner can live with 700$ less but can you even imagine the cost of such a transfer using the bank system?

Should have been outrageous...

Now dream big...

When International businesses decide to use Steem for safe and fast transactions, who much will they pay in fees?

I'll tell you how much. ZERO fees...and just...a block away..every time.

Steem is addictive. Period. No matter what people say, no matter how disappointed or frustrated they are now...even those who throw white towels...they always come back. Always.

See you at the top!

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So encouraging post Buddy! See you at the Top Bro!

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Glad you are inspired my friend. A friendly advise. Try not to upvote your own comments...might upset a few people...just saying!

See you at the top!

Alright thanks for the kind advise!

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@mindtrap, Everyone entered into the world of questions and doubts regarding Steem Well and initially it happened and will happen with everyone.

Good wishes from my side towards your Goal and definitely, only Action towards our goal can manifest it, may be slowly but gradually. Stay blessed.

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Thanks for you thoughtful input mate. And thanks for the RS also!

Welcome and have a great time ahead.

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~Smartsteem Curation Team

Thank you!

You see for every transaction from my bank account they charge 2.5 Euros.

HUH?! Like - every transaction? So also if you would do groceries? Or is this specifically for using your bank account to buy crypto? I'm so confused :D

Good for you buying again and again and again... It's fun and it adds up indeed. I hope you get to your goal.

Only when I am about to buy crypto. aka use SEPA services...

Thank you sweetie!

Did you try this one? I know you were gonna - sucks if it still costs 2,5 euros every time. I use their service because it costs me almost no fees which makes it possible to deposit smaller amounts of euros :-)

Damn...not just yet.

I should set an alarm or something on my mobile phone to ring whenever I am about to make the same mistake. I’ll try it sooner rather than later

Yes! And let me know if it solves the problem - 2,5 euros is just sooo much STEEM :'(

Considering the fact that I ‘ve made lots of these small buys they own me...something like 300 steem or so. I want my steem back. NOW 😂😎


Hahaha! Soon we will have to find some therapist in order to treat this steem disease 😂😂
Good post btw!

I hear ya!

Yet I think there’s no such thing as therapy for this one. Thanks brother

I agree with you mate it is great to set goals. I set my goals for Steem power to reach 10 000 before the year ends.
Wish me luck ✌️

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I have a feeling that you won't need any. You simply gonna make it!

Steem is addictive, that sums it all. Put your money where your mouth is, only those with the investor mindset will understand this. Thanks for sharing .

I wish everyone could see the potential