Lifestyle tokens going up VERY quickly | 0.12 Steem / Lifestyle

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Lifestyle tokens had only been open to the market in less than 24 hours, and the tokens are selling fast.

Just out of curiosity I wanted to check the price of lifestyle.

It has now gone up to 0.12 Steem /Lifestyle.

Take a Look at the Chart here:


  • 100,000 tokens at the price of 0.08 are all gone.
  • the next price up is 0.12 Steem

My guess is that the next 50,000 tokens will go away before the night ends.

If you are still considering getting Lifestyle tokens, get them now and not dilly dally.

I was lucky to get into the 0.08 price and bought 500 LIfestyle tokens with 40 Steem.

LIFESTYLE @rosatravels (1).png

This has been a good Saturday,


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I just found out about it and am right there with you. I missed out on it at 0.08, but picked up a couple hundred at 0.12. Now is a good time to get in!

Yes, but the 0.12 will go very fast, probably before the night ends.

Would have to wait and see atleast a week to see how it will goes too early to predict anything

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