Full Season ROI from SteemMonsters ending 7.15.19

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Total Season ROI - Season Ending 7/15/19

I am a bit late getting to this, but that is life. All prices are as of writing, about 9pm Central time 7.30.19. I love the face I can both play a game on the STEEM blockchain and potentially battle my way to some profit. Grow my SP, Grow my Deck and Grow my blog all at the same time. Exciting times for everyone right now.

What was my total ROI for playing SteemMonsters for an entire season?

In this post I posted about my season reward giving me a value of about 11%, and I wondered what I could have for the entire season. Since I am doing this a bit behind and prices move - with little to no history, I will just use today numbers. Not all that far from the truth considering I have not sold anything yet anyways.

  • Price of STEEM Used is .2234534
  • 7.15.19 Season Ending Deck Value $1441
  • Card Earned 220
  • DEC Earned / Conversion 15,000 estimated - Best guess off of what I can see from my Steem-engine account and what I opened for Orbs. Not exactly a clean start. This month will be better tracked since I started at basically 0.

Card Prices and Rewards

  • Earned Cards $35 - 150 STEEM


  • Prices


  • 15000 DEC Value $17.59 - 75 STEEM

Skewed a bit for the recent price pump but.


  • Total $52.96 225.80 STEEM

Full Season ROI

*Deck Value $1441 - 35 = $1406

  • 52.96 / 1,406 = .0376 for the season
  • .0376 / 15 = .0025 daily
  • .0025 * 365 = 91.65% annual

Am I making an errors?

That can't be right. I am usually good at math - but man - that is a heck of a return. I suppose $100 a month would roughly double my value in a year. @fullcoverbetting - did I do something wrong here??? Something just seems too good to be true. I look forward to doing this again in a few days for the Season ending 7.31.19.. Only a few short hours away from the time I writing this post.

Please can anyone see what I am doing wrong? Maybe I got lucky with the Gold Rare last month, and the Legendary. Might have a down month this month, I did get a ton of gold, and half my card value came from Golds alone. It will be interesting to see my repeat, and see if over time it holds true. The ROI should call as a natural reaction to my Deck value increasing, but either way it is exciting.

Game on!! ~Senstless~


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@senstless steemmonsters is a Great Way to Build Wealth since most of the Cards I receive are Rewards............

Wow, that would be some serious ROI. It looks right to me and I think I am starting to see why some of the people at the top have put so much money into it.