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A big High Five to my friend @stokjockey, he posted about this FREE GOLD, and encouraged everyone to go get some Gold!!!🤗

This came In the mail yesterday, and I wanted to share this score with everyone!!!


Isn't this amazing, this is the reverse of the One Utah Goldback and you can see that the front is a mirror image!!
I was in the graphic arts, and this appears to be one image coated in 24K gold!!😀

So here is the info on this Goldback:


This is from the United Precious Metals Association UPMA
This One Utah Goldback is coated with 24K Gold that equals 1/1,000 Troy Oz 24K Gold.


Now we are not talking retirement here friend, but this is real, and free and very nice!!!🤗

What better way to pass on the Gold fever to your friends than to put one of these in there hand!!🤑😳


Here's the info on how to get some of this free Gold.
You will get this newsletter, they talk about their vault and the precious metals you could choose to buy and store, but no strings attached!!

Silvertop still rolls with "If you don't hold it you don't own it" ......But it is real, and beautiful and it will find a home in Silvertop's stack!!🤗

Don't tell @elizabethbit LOL!!!😇😍


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I forgot about this, now I recall his post.

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It's free, and it's Gold @kerrislravenhill just something to encourage new stacker's , and it looks cool!!!!🤗

I tried, but you must have a six-digits zip code...:=(

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Did you say your Daughter is in Canada, can She get one in the mail Ron?

I don't think so. Zip codes in Canada are not numerical, they have letters and numbers.

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Sorry @ronaldoavelino, if I had a second one I would send it to you.🙃

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I did not get mine! Hmmmm.....
Thanks for sharing, @silvertop.
Have a great evening, take care 🥰🌺🤙

I tried to X post this to our community from Steempeak after originally posting from Steempeak under "Blog ....Wow ...what a mess!!! I think I will keep posting to Steemleo my SSG post!!!

So many new twist to community, and LOL I thought I had it figured out!!!
Have a good evening my friend!!😍😀🤗