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Silvertop loves the Five Ounce rounds, and here is one of my favorites still wrapped in the plastic that it came in!!!

This is the reverse ,The Great Seal of South Dakota with " Under God The People Rule"
With the date of Statehood at the bottom 1889.

This is the Obverse with Bison and the date of minting 1987

Don't tell @elizabethbit she LOVES Buffalo rounds, and apparently everyone else does too the market is flooded with Buffalo's, but I will admit I really like this Buffalo round!! 😀


So why the photo of steemleo on my Mac you ask.......
Silvertop is back to posting here after he tried to post over and over the same post last night LOL!!!😳🤔🙄

I can not find any mint marks on this round guys, does anyone have an idea ????

So without any further delay we do the in plastic weigh in!!! 🤗


158.4g on the Obverse.....


158.4g on the Reverse.....

What so you think guys.....Out of the wrapper this Five Oz Silver round would tally 155.5g

Is this 2.9g over a true Five Oz round, how much of this is the wrapper?????🤔

Or did Silvertop Score!!!!!🤗

Stack on my friends....
Silvertop...... Mike😀


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This round has everything that I like: 5oz silver, bisons and a very detailed reverse. Congrats!

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Thanks @ronaldoavelino, generic rounds like this are getting harder to find where I am. I was picking these up at spot plus .60 cents locally!!!😀

I like it as well....just don't tell the Mrs. LOL!🤗😇😍

5 big Troy Oz. Nice Buffalo score @silvertop

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I'm going to need this Five Oz round, after reading your latest post .....I don't think I need to worry about Nasal Insertion LOL!!🤔😇😀
Have a good day @kerrislravenhill!!😀

You're going to have to open it to find out my friend....DO IT!!!


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😳😂😅 I have the Silver sweats now LOL!!!

The American buffalo design is very iconic. You are pretty good at researching, so when you say you can't find info on that round, I know that I won't find any either.. but I tried just the same, and of course I did not find any information! Perhaps @stokjockey can help.
That is a hefty Bison Silver Round, and very pretty, I like the design with the farmer plowing the fields (but using horses, gosh... I thought that oxen were commonly used in the farm to pull the plow.)
Thanks for sharing, my friend @silvertop, and take care.🥰🌺🤙

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Interesting...I didn't look that close to see the horses plowing the field, you are very observant!!!😀
I'm glad you enjoyed this the Buffalo is one of my favorites as well!!
Have a lovely day @silversaver888!😍😀🤗

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That's awesome! Love South Dakota, and silver, lol. Sweet 5 ouncer!

Thanks my friend!!Anything for the Love of stacking !!😬

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