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What a surprise, when I told the Mrs I was picking up some Bitcoin she said me too!!! 😀
I will admit I was a bit envious when she got her Two Oz Bitcoin Silver Shield Silver round...


Little did I know @elizabethbit had a second one ordered for Silvertop!🤗
Guys if you think these look good in the photo's, they look even better in your hand!!!!


I have already handed a "Bitcoin" to friends, only to see them take a second look and then they say........
" Is this really a Bitcoin???"


There were only 629 of these two Oz Bitcoin rounds minted at the Golden State Mint.
Unfortunately these rounds are not numbered, and the Mrs has the only numbered certificate.
She does have a call to them, maybe they can send a certificate for this round....


Now for the @stokjockey test....... 62.2g on the Reverse.... Spot On!!!😀
And the same .......62.2g on the Obverse!!!!😀

Well it looks like there are not giving away any extra Silver today!!!!


Anyone want to trade one of those imaginary Bitcoins for a "REAL" Bitcoin!!!!🤗


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Husband and wife with the same ideas. That is something rare to see! Congrats to both!

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Thanks @ronaldoavelino!!😀
She is a sweetie...Stacking would only be half the fun without her!!😍

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Always love the obverse òf the Silver Shield coins, and I thought this BitCOiN round article was just deja vous.

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@silvertop the coin looks amazing and beautifully minted........

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Wonderful round @silvertop! I got two and I'm giving one away XD

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Thats awesome...Just drop a round on one of your hiking trails and leave us a map! LOL!😇😉
Never mind I see you left me a map on Discord!!🤗

A map!? No way, you got find it by happenstance sir.


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But of course!!!! That one there... you can hold, therefore you own it! Just look at what is happening in this blockchain. Everyone is scrambling to protect their steem... they realize that "if you do no hold it, then you do not own it!
Will you be collecting all of the crypto silver rounds? It would be a great one to have to commemorate this milestone change in the definition of currency.
Have a wonderful weekend, my friend @silvertoptop, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

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That's an interesting thought, I have see Litecoin and a few others that I believe one of our SSG members posted.
That would be a fantastic collection!🤗
I am glad you and all the other members of SSG are still continuing to post, spooky Steem times... I will be here too!!!
Have a restful Sunday my deer friend!!!😍😀🤗

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Grrat round. I missed on that, need to win summertooth NHL pool to get it now

I like the TEST on the Scale and thanks for mentioning me @silvertop

I was hoping for a bit more Silver @stokjockey LOL!!😀😇

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