A New Scot Tribe On the Block! | Introducing Steemleo - A Community For Investors

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  • Steemleo is a community for investing content
  • We Airdropped over 1.7 Million LEO to PAL stakeholders
  • LEOM and LEOMM virtual miners are available on the Steem Engine DEX in limited quantities
  • Initial Inflation = 2 Million LEO --> 1.7M for PoB and 300,000 for PoM
  • Steemleo.com --> Condenser Instance
  • Tube.Steemleo.com --> ScotTube Instance
  • Use Tag "steemleo" in your posts to earn LEO and STEEM rewards!
  • Payouts may be rather large right off the bat as the network stabilizes and more posts are made
  • To get the ball rolling, the @steem.leo account will be upvoting all (eligible) posts under the steemleo tag with our STEEM POWER. After about 1 week we will integrate the Scot Voting service to introduce a sink for the LEO tokens

Click here to view the official launch page for Steemleo and learn more about our tribe!

We’ve been excited about this for a while now. It’s taken some long hours, but thanks to the Steem Engine team, we are officially launching Steemleo.com — A community for investors to talk about anything and everything related to investing.

The common misconception is that investing is about greedy people buying/selling for profit. In reality, investing is about so much more than that. It’s a game of philosophy, ethics, mathematics, fundamental analysis, technical analysis and more.

We’ve created Steemleo for all of the passionate investors across the globe who want to talk about all things investing. Whether you want to build a personal brand around your investing strategies, discuss your philosophies or even make videos about your journey, Steemleo aims to connect passionate investors through a next-generation social media platform that is powered by the Steem Engine smart contract ecosystem and all of the amazing SCOT tools they have created and will continue to create in the future.

To learn more about Steemleo and what we’re about, head over to this link.

What kind of Content Should Be Posted to Steemleo

Using any interface, you can post using the “steemleo” tag to earn LEO rewards and be seen on Steemleo. Remember that Steemleo is about investing-related content. The types of content that can be posted under the category of investing are very wide, but we’re not looking for pictures of your cat!

Initial Integrations From Steem Engine

We plan on using every tool at our disposal and that’s why we love Steem Engine. There are limitless possibilities to what we can do on the Steem blockchain with their help.

To kick things off, we’ll be launching with the following integrations:

  1. Nitrous a.k.a. Steemleo.com — A fork of the Steemit condenser
  2. ScotTube a.k.a. LeoTube — A fork of DTube that features Steemleo video content
    1. Note that you can also post videos on any Steem video interface (DTube, for example) and use the “steemleo” tag to also be posted on LeoTube!
  3. ScotPeak a.k.a LeoPeak —— Head over to steempeak.com/tribes and you’ll find LEO on the list of tribes. Click open and you’ll be able to view your feed and payouts in LEO & STEEM simultaneously!
    1. Note that LeoPeak may not be live until 1 or 2 days after launch
  4. Digital Miners — Mine LEO With Digital Token Miners. Available in limited quantities on the Steem-Engine DEX (more details on the token miners toward the end of this post)

Future Integrations From Steem Engine

We already have some plans for what we’ll integrate in the future.

To get the ball rolling, the @steem.leo account will be upvoting all eligible posts under the “steemleo” tag. 1 week after launch, the @steem.leo account will integrate the SCOT voter service and turn into a sink for the LEO token. We’ll also be opening up for delegations to that account in exchange for the LEO bids that it earns. More info on how The LEO Bot Sink will work is available toward the end of our explainer page.

In the very near future, we’ll also be integrating the ScotBB service to create a forum for the Steemleo platform.

LEO Virtual Token Miner Details

The LEOM and LEOMM miners are now available on the Steem Engine DEX. The mining pool is 300,000 LEO per year which is 15% of the total inflation pool.

  • There are 30 winning miners each hour
  • LEOMM mines 4x as fast as LEOM, but is only 3x the price. The quantity is also more limited than LEOM
  • LEOM is available at 2 STEEM per LEOM --> view LEOM on the DEX
    • There are 250,000 LEOM miners
  • LEOMM is available at 6 STEEM per LEOMM --> view LEOMM on the DEX
    • There are only 70,000 LEOMM miners

Initial and Ongoing Distribution of the LEO Token:

Initial Supply: 9,739,037 LEO

  • Palnet Stakeholder Airdrop: 1,739,037
  • Team: 2M
  • Mods: 1M
  • Sell Wall: 2M
  • Bounties: 3M

Ongoing Distribution:

  • Initial Inflation: 2M LEO
    • 300,000 LEO to PoM (Proof of Mining) Pool (15%)
    • 1.7M LEO to PoB (Proof of Brain) Rewards Pool (85%)
  • Similar to PAL, the LEO inflation rate drops by 1% every year until it is 4%, then it will remain at 4% per year

We are airdropping to PAL stakeholders for a variety of reasons. The main reason is that Palnet did a claimdrop to the most active Steemians who also weren’t on a particular blacklist. After the claimdrop, the stake of PAL tokens continually spread out as some people dumped their PAL on the market and others bought PAL and decided to stake it.

We feel that the current stake distribution of PAL represents some of the most active/best Steemians on the chain and also represents a group of people who already know how the SCOT ecosystem works and how to use Steem-Engine. If you’re reading this, then the airdrop is live! If you’re a PAL stakeholder, then head over to your Steem-Engine wallet to see (& stake 😉) your LEO tokens!

The Sell Wall will be set at 2 STEEM/LEO and will be for a total 2 million LEO on the Steem-Engine DEX. Ongoing bounties will help to distribute 3 million LEO to active users over the coming years. This LEO will be distributed slowly and carefully to users that we believe will add value to the Steemleo network in the long-term. One of our objectives is to onboard a few mid to high-profile influencers to Steemleo and the Steem blockchain and use bounties to entice their communities as well.

Scotbot Settings (in-depth explanation of these settings will be released in a separate post following this one):

The settings are similar to Palnet:

  1. Voting is slightly superlinear
  2. You get 1 free downvote per day
  3. 50/50 author/curator split
  4. 7 day payout period
  5. Inflation drops by 1% every 10512000 blocks (1 year)

author_curve_exponent: 1.049
author_reward_percentage: 50
beneficiaries_account: null
beneficiaries_reward_percentage: 0
cashout_window_days: 7
curation_curve_exponent: 0.5
downvote_power_consumption: 200
downvote_regeneration_seconds: 432000
enable_account_muting: false
issue_token: true
json_metadata_key: tags
json_metadata_value: steemleo
promoted_post_account: null
reduction_every_n_block: 10512000
reduction_percentage: 1
rewards_token: 14
rewards_token_every_n_block: 100
token: LEO
vote_power_consumption: 200
vote_regeneration_seconds: 432000
vote_window_days: -1

We hope you join the Steemleo community and help us reach out to passionate investors across the globe. Our plan is to focus primarily on outward marketing to users outside of the Steem blockchain. One of the essential aspects to a brighter Steem future is a healthy and growing base of users, we hope to make a big dent in this ambition.. Join us on this journey!

if you have any issues with the site or didn't get your airdrop, please leave a comment down below and we'll help you right away. Thank you for your patience.

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Thank you @steem.leo for the airdrop.

Wishing you all the best.


Is there a way for mobile users to access the Steem-Engine wallet?

The site looks great! Good job!

thanks for your special comment

hola amigo, como estas .soy de colombia. me presento, me llamo andres felipe mazo

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Just one question:
So if I use the steemleo tag you will upvote me with steem and leo tokens.. so for what is staking the leo tokens good for?

We delegate our PAL to @contestkings and didn't receive the airdrop as of yet.

We feel that the current stake distribution of PAL represents some of the most active/best Steemians on the chain and also represents a group of people who already know how the SCOT ecosystem works and how to use Steem-Engine.

Can you explain why you only rewarded STAKED non-delegated PAL? It seems that a lot of people missed their airdrop and this was a shortfall that I was able to identify quickly.

Hey! The plan was to airdrop based on staked PAL.. which should have included delegated PAL as well. Sorry for the complete oversight on our behalf. A second airdrop round will go out shortly based on delegated PAL stake.

Sorry again for the delay on that. We didn't catch it until after the airdrop went out.

Thanks for the quick follow-up. I've had people delegate PAL to Steem Basic Income at no charge and I'd hate to see them miss out on LEO because of it.

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1 LEO in second drop for 1000 PAL delegated out...

Is there a third fix? Or is this 1 from something else entirely and the actual fix is still running?

I had Bit coin connect wallet last year.how do I transfer my funds to a different coin?. I'm a sports card collector / blogger I like talking about sports cards #focusboysports

I never used bitconnect; I have no idea how to transfer your funds or whether there is still anyway to recover them at all.

I delegated PAL too, but, since I'm traveling without a PC, using SE on mobile is a very bad experience to me!

I received some LEO and I'm grateful for that! Could you please include me in the second airdrop for the part of PAL I delegated?

Thanks so much! 🤗

Posted using Partiko Android

I have neither received an airdrop with the first nor with the second airdrop. I have all my PAL delagted to @Steem.ninja. Would be cool if you could check that, @steem.leo.

me too!

Hi. I have delegated all my PAL to @steem.ninja too and can't see any airdrop too :(

I came here from @abh12345's post. Wanted to say the same thing @josephsavage said. I have delegated all staked pal to another account. That's why haven't received any LEO.

Hey, sorry about the delay. We've just sent the second airdrop and you've now got your LEO in your wallet. Apologies for that, we had a major oversight when airdropping the original stake! Hope you understand 🧡

Thank for being so responsive. :)

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  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

So why in the hell would anyone stake their own pal if there is a chance to pawn it off to the highest bidder getting both the benefits the air drop as well as the benefits of having their pal vote in a massive conglomeration of voters that will outright suck the curation value of every post voted on due to the new HF based setup of @steemleo and the other altchains that are coming out? Was the purpose of this stuff to fish out the multiple account farming and several other factors that has outright nuked the value and perception of steem and steemit? Is that not why there is staking and delegation in the first place so people do not double dip like this? I am certainly up for debate and curious what I am missing or misinterpreting.

It sounds like you are confusing several different things that have nothing to do with each other, but your comment is a mad scramble of words so I really couldn't say for sure.

So why would everyone not just delegate their pal tokens to their biggest favorite glut of voters that is an upvote service say for example and essentially get an inflated vote with one a steem-engine coin (that enables delegation, pal being the only one at the moment) then have that voting service I use vote my post in a non-linear curation/vote value inflating my payout and pretty much walking away with all significant curation and growing like mad in all of these areas? The air dropper I would assume sorts out for people who delegated their pal to their main account, or other places that can bid for their coins now or in the future. What an airdrop does is up to them, I just get annoyed with people that want things both ways on here. I am guessing to avoid I am just saying hypothetically of course if someone were going to do that of course.

Couldn't you make that same argument about SP? Or are you making some assumption about non-linear curation?

Sure to a point. I am just mentioning that because if the group that air drops the tokens would have the non-delegated PAL tokens vs the delegated they did that likely for a reason. The point is moot anyways I am not going to tell one of these groups who they can and cannot support, that is of course their call. As an independent member on steemit (and now the rest of this sidechain network) to a point I think people will not be happy with the exact same people being the massive holders of this string of tokens, which is fine everyone has their option of which to support and which not--basically the best of both worlds having options so I suppose no harm done. Many people are likely not as fickle with this stuff as I am which is something I definitely have to admit.

Fantastic..!!! It sounds like a good project..!!

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Good thing i staked my palcoin now. Thanks for the airdrop but I do not understand why my post on your platform have been experiencing fluctuations in post payouts.

I had Bit coin connect wallet last year.how do I transfer my funds to a different coin?. I'm a sports card collector / blogger I like talking about sports cards #focusboysports

I do not know but you could redirect this question to the right persons or just make a research on exchange platforms where you can trade one coin for another

I will explode with all those tokens x.x
But really good one! Love the design and the introduction to Leo. I will follow more close this project.

I had Bit coin connect wallet last year.how do I transfer my funds to a different coin?. I'm a sports card collector / blogger I like talking about sports cards #focusboysports

You can use steem engine for exchange coins or any crypto exchange like bittrex

He is a Spamer :-)

Hey thank you! Hope to see you around here more often!

My airdrop was still not fixed for my 1000 PAL delegated to @sbi3. When the 'fix' was run, I received only 1 more LEO instead of 1000.


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thanks for the airdrop, I feel super powerful now after staking all my LEO.

Staked my LEO, cheers!

Just a note that chrome complains about security with https://steemleo.com/ and prefers https://www.steemleo.com

Hey Asher, thank you so much for the support 🥂

Yes, we've had a few domain issues. We'll go ahead and switch all the links. Thank you for catching that!

you should be able to set your SSL certificate for both domain name versions ... www and no www

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My pleasure :)

You are the first reply on my brand new Steem Leo page, and I have my very first, and likely one of the very few post I will make with the tag, but there are always the update progress reports, now they have an important place to go. Plus steem Leo will maybe make it easier to find the Good investment strategies and get questions answered that fixed income, (retired), people need.

A privilege :)

Progress reports, as you are powering up your STEEM and investing into SP, will go nicely with steemleo I think.

You have to hope people will use the tag sparingly, although I'm already seeing actifit posts using the tag :/

Now all I need is someone to tell me how I limit my steem vote on the other pages. Example: we have sliders, but I am a small account, so sliding down below 50% I do not like. When I vote from PALnet, I use 50% of my steem vote, when I vote from SteemLeo I lose 50% of my steem vote, and I can only vote once on the same piece of content. I can not give a steem, a PAL, and a Leo vote to the same content, just two of them if I use PAL or Leo, steem vote comes with either of those.

If I vote from steemit only log in I understand I do give a PAL vote on palnet tagged post, does it work the same for steemleo tagged post, and if a post has #palnet, and #steemleo am I auto voting with my PAL and LEO when I am on steemit? Does that question make sense?

I had Bit coin connect wallet last year.how do I transfer my funds to a different coin?. I'm a sports card collector / blogger I like talking about sports cards #focusboysports

I had Bit coin connect wallet last year.how do I transfer my funds to a different coin?. I'm a sports card collector / blogger I like talking about sports cards

Congratz on a new Tribe and performing the airdrop! Curious to see if you're able to grow the investors community sharing on Steem/Steem.leo by creating a dedicated place to discuss :-)

PS: link to your website is missing an 'l', so doesn't work atm

The one in this sentence: To learn more about Steemleo and what we’re about, head over to this link.

Posted using Partiko iOS

ooof that's embarrassing 🙈 thanks for catching that!!


Posted using Partiko iOS

Thank you so much! It's been a little bit of a rough start, but we're getting there!

Which link is it?

I had Bit coin connect wallet last year.how do I transfer my funds to a different coin?. I'm a sports card collector / blogger I like talking about sports cards #focusboysports

Thank you for the great surprise of the airdrop. As I have been reading this post I see you want a financial focus, which I guess is great. It eliminates my posts using your tag because I primarily post photography (not single photos) with a write up on the photos and some personal sharing. I also include fundraising for charitable situations, both within my main weekly post and periodic charity focus only.

Not sure if it pays to stake LEO, because I do not have the time to write financial posts. Besides my reputation (on steemit) is grounded in my quality photography posts, helping others, and working with charitable projects. I have grown too much after finding my niche to change anything.

I wish you and those involved much success with LEO and your platform.

Just watched the site and its performing super smooth the best experience as of yet thanks for bringing this : )

You should also consider other active and genuine steemians who dont have PAL power now. There should also be more clarity on bounties. But love to see another genuine token in this ecosystem and I am sure it will serve its intended purpose.

Ahh, thank you so much for this airdrop. I just used the tag steemleo under my post. Let's see how it works.

Wow. This is great. Love to hear this

Hi @Steem.Leo !!

I just staked my tokens and put in two additional 'buy orders' on steem-engine.

This is the earliest I've ever been on a new platform! I'm glad it's Steem Leo (and it's VERY exciting) !!

Great job and I wish great success to the Steemleo!

Hi there. I'm a PAL holder, nonetheless i got no Leo. What could be wrong?

same here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Sorry! We're checking on your account right now. Expect the LEO in your wallet in a few minutes. Thanks for letting us know

Sorry again about the delay, your tokens just got airdropped, @themarkymark

Got them, thanks.

Of course! Let us know if you've got any other issues 🙏🏽

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Thanks for stopping by! That's a mistake on our end. We'll be airdropping another round based solely on delegated PAL stake in the next few hours. Sorry about the delay on that.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

No worries for me, mine is all staked up with 4k added these past few weeks :D

It does mean however that the PAL mods who were dropped around 30k will all be LEO whales - but they seems like a decent bunch :)

:D haha yeah it does, they are good peoples though, we're not worried 🙃

Thanks for stopping by! That's a mistake on our end. We'll be airdropping another round based solely on delegated PAL stake in the next few hours. Sorry about the delay on that.

Hey, sorry about that. We're checking on it right now

  ·  2 years ago (edited)Reveal Comment

We checked on your account and it seems that you don't have any PAL staked. The airdrop was based solely on Staked PALcoin

Check again...just did
You should drop your discord link too

We were going off of PAL staked at the time, but we got you 🧡

We are opening up a new discord in the next few days, just setting up a few things. Stay tuned :)

It's great to see this new community token and congratulations!
By the way I didn't get LEO airdrop! Hope you might check that too!


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

While on vacation and not yet able to check into the details of LEO, just letting you know @steem.leo that I have gone into Steem.Engine and staked my LEO tokens. I did receive the same amount of LEO as of the PAL I had staked earlier, so all appears to be in order ...

Thank you!

P.S. Will their be a Discord server set up for LEO?

What a suprise!!! You gave me Leo then more Leo and then some more Leo!



awesome, I'll make sure to use it :D

Beautiful Airdrop!! Thanks

The age of abundance is here!!! Thanks SteemLeo

I really dont write much on steem, only posts actifit currently.
But I am interested in investing, so I will be reading posts on steemleo :D
I also bought some miners

That's Amazing!

That's Amazing!

That's Amazing!

got 800 PAL dropped but got nothing on LEO Token, why ;-) ?

I am always trying to find ways to invest, mostly in time and people. I have been investing tons of time into my GREEN HOUSE RADIO ONLINE project. We look to entertain, educate and help promote people, passions and projects. I offer custom advertising on our LIVE STREAMS seen on VIMM.TV. Join us in the discord server to see how we can wor with the @steem.leo community.


kaBOOM! Thanks for the drop. Mentioned you guys on today's livestream. Looking forward to the content.

Congratulations on this wonderful achievement.
I am a pal stake holder but I didn't receive any LEO token, I guess there might be a problem somewhere. I will appreciate if my complaints is worked upon. Thanks

I didn't get the airdrop tokens. Kindly have a look at my account. Thanks.

Hi @steem.leo, I just want to clarify, the LEO airdrop doesn't count delegated Palpower is it?

I received PAL airdrop Tokens, but I have not received LEO tokens

Usefull tokens on steemengine market
Maybe I will buy some token


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Question: what does #2 " You get one free downvote per day" actually mean !? I hwd this question asked of me by @improv Thanks!!🙋😎👍

[-]improv (64) · 43 minutes ago
My big question about that free flag, is, if I want to use it on steemleo, but don't want it to use my SP, ... are they separate? Or am I using my SP, too?

Staked all of my LEO that I got from the drop. Good thing I have been buying up as much PAL as I could. I am looking forward to see how all of this will shape up. Keep up the great work.

Before I go and claim my stake, can you guys talk to steempeak.com to enable your tribe? Screenshot_20190703_113256.png

@steem.leo I have delegated my palcoin airdrop to my alt account @vitez and I haven't received LEO tokens on any of the two accounts.

Please check.

Best of luck to you. This is a good idea for a project.

It seems that PAL tokens that have been delegated to other account has missing when you guy airdrop LEO. Would you check this? Thanks :)

Pretty cool! Keep em up yo:) I'll make sure to post pictures of my cat on steemleo :P

I am not much for investment talk, so likely will see very few post from me with the tag. I followed via @abh12345's post., and am now following this account. Looks like I will need to add another bookmark folder.

Thank you for the tokens, I look forward to some of the investment advice I am sure will be available on your site.